Vitamins Canada- The 5 Bs And A C For A Healthy Pregnancy

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It is a time of great happiness when you find out that you are pregnant. In fact you will find yourself carrying a sweet smile and crying with tears of joy when you are caressing your stomach as you are trying to give comfort with that growing baby inside your womb. As much as you want to protect your baby inside you, a mother must consider a lot of responsibilities to help the baby grow healthily and also promote her own health. In this article, 6 important vitamins Canada will be discussed for a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 is one of the 8 B-vitamins that are essential for metabolism of fats and protein. They help in central nervous system to function properly and needed for optimal brain function. Deficiency in Vitamin B1 during pregnancy can lead to Beriberi which can possibly damage the babys heart and lungs. Foods that are rich in Vitamin B1 include the following: eggs, whole grain or enriched cereals and rice.

Vitamin B2. In the other hand, Vitamin B2 helps in energy-production for the baby to develop the babys bones, muscles and nervous system. Mothers who have Vitamin B2 deficiency are prone to preeclampsia, which may lead to a fatal condition called eclampsia. Foods that are rich in Vitamin B2 are red meat and dairy products.

Vitamin B3. It is responsible for providing energy for the baby as well to grow and helps to build placenta, which is required for babys circulation. Food sources include fortified cereals and eggs.

Vitamin B6. It is important for myelin formation. It is one of the requirements for the synthesis of neurotransmitters of serotonin and norepinephrine. These vitamins Canada help in the development of babys brain and nervous system functions. In some cases, it can help in the reduction of morning sickness for pregnant mothers. Food that are rich in Vitamin B6 include the following: chick peas and chicken breast, bananas, meat and flour.

Vitamin B9. It is very important for babys development. It is vital for DNA replication, cell growth and tissue formation. A deficiency of Vitamin B9 can lead to neural tube defects like spina bifida, anencephaly and encephalocele. Unfortunately, these conditions may occur during the first 21-28 days of pregnancy which commonly during these days pregnant moms do not know yet that they are “actually” pregnant. It is advisable that if you are planning to be a mother, daily vitamins Canada should be intake. Best source of Vitamin B9 include oranges, leafy green vegetables and cauliflower.

Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron and boosts the immune system for mother and baby. Vitamin C helps in holding the cells together to build a tissue. This function is helpful in the development of the baby. The rich sources of Vitamin C are citrus fruits, green beans and broccoli.

There are a lot of important vitamins needed for a healthy pregnancy. The development of the baby is very critical and important because one wrong move can affect the babys condition. Generally, healthy lifestyle, correct nutrition and proper exercise and recommended vitamins from your Ob-Gyne are the important things to remember to ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy.

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