What’s Wrong With White FOOD in the Pregnancy Diet

Some key “white” foods have no place in the pregnancy food diet! I do not have a problem with the color White. However, when it comes to food it is often a problem in terms of its nutrient value. I love potatoes, ice cream, marshmallows, and white chocolate but here we’re talking about a special group of white foods, not these.

There are numerous foods pregnant women need as well as a number they need to avoid. Those on the avoid list include ice cream, potato chips, processed foods, most fast food and all junk food in general – these are mostly empty calorie foods poor in nutrition and very close to zero good for Mom and child. This is not the type of fuel mother needs or wants for that high powered little one to soon join us in this big world. These “foods” are not to be any part of the pregnancy diet due to their adverse effects to the fetus.

Our view is that “white” is the one color of food you often need to eliminate from the pregnant food diet or be very careful with and cut many “white” foods from your diet! Yes, White! There are several “white” colored foods that need your special attention. Of course I’m talking about Salt, White Sugar, White Flour and of all things, Milk! With respect to salt we recommend Sea salt in small portions. Although we need salt in order to function fully we already get far too much in the average American diet. It seems Salt is included in almost every food we buy. Read your labels on processed foods and you’ll find salt in most cases. Today we want to look at each of these other problematic foods pregnant women, and the rest of us, should greatly reduce or find substitutes for in our diet, White Sugar, White Flour and White Milk!

White Sugar
The refining process sugar is put through eliminates this substance from the “Food” category. This so called food is better described as a poison and a dangerous one at that because it can become an addictive drug.

White sugar, therefore, is one food that is very important to cut from the pregnancy food diet. Find a substitute. Satisfactory substitutes would include: honey, molasses, real maple syrup (yummmm – good), and many dried fruits. Brown sugar may be OK if it’s not simply white sugar with added molasses, use sparingly in either case. Please, no Nutrasweet or Equal either as some folks have been known to experience loss of memory, epileptic seizures, depression and other serious problems you do not want for your baby or for yourself even if the possibilities are slim. Why chance it if you do not need to?

White Flour
White sugar and white flour have both been so refined that very little if any nutritional value remains. When eating white sugar or white flour you’re loading empty calories which in turn requires you to over eat in order to get the nutrition values you need which is a contributing factor to Type II Diabetes. When eating poorly like this your digestive system is stressed and your body receives little to zero value.

Cow’s milk comes from a mother cow and is designed to grow a 100 pound baby calf into a 600 – 1000 pound cow or a 3000 pound bull. A new born calf can gain 40 to 100 pounds in one month, depending on the breed. What breed is your baby? Can you begin to see that cow’s milk is not for your 7 pounder and needs to be eliminated from the pregnancy diet? Your breast milk is, of course, the best for your little one so do all you can to make that happen. If that cannot be done use goat’s milk as it is the closest to your very own when mixed about 50/50 with distilled water.

You would be wise to stay away from empty calories, processed and junk foods and “White” foods in your pregnancy food diet. I cannot state this strongly enough. Be good to yourself, and your little one, and use these tips in your pregnancy diet for a healthy and happy pregnancy!

Talk soon.
Thanks for reading,
Shirley Voutour,
Retired Pediatrician’s Nurse and Mother

P.S, Watch for our next pregnancy eZine about the foods you need for your greater wellness.

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