How to Treat Recurring Bacterial Vaginosis During Pregnancy

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Almost 50% of women who are experiencing bacterial vaginosis have no symptoms of the disease. If so, you will probably notice a thin color either gray or white while discharging with a stinking smell. You will also notice this odor after having sex due to the combination of semen while discharging. You will also experience burning an irritation of the genital area after urinating.

Occurrence of BV while you are pregnant will process an increase risk of preterm birth which results in baring a low birth weight baby, infection of uterus after delivery. But the relationship between BV and pregnancy is not yet that patent. Medical experts don’t have a proper response to why pregnant mothers deliver child prematurely when they have BV. They also don’t have the proper proof if BV unswervingly has the ability to cause vital complications like preterm premature rupture from the membranes (PPROM) as well as women who are actually prone to other kind of infection that might initiate some other complications are likely to acquire bacterial vaginosis.

How to treat BV during pregnancy

If you possess bacterial vaginosis doctor always prescribe some course of antibiotics which are considered safe to ingest during pregnancy period. It is always necessary to take all the medicine prescribed by your respective ob gynian. Generally antibiotics will help clear out each and every infection found within the vagina an even in any symptoms that is present in your body, despite the fact that the infection may recur in a short period of time. Good bacteria present inside the body will help you hold the overgrowth of bad bacteria; it has the ability prevent bacterial vaginosis from coming back. Antibiotics kills off most bacteria that which results in having a bacterial vaginosis and it will prevent good bacteria from growing back rapidly. Always inform your ob gynian whenever the symptom will return.

How to avoid experiencing BV

Since no one has the exact knowledge on what root cause of bacterial imbalance in the body, there will be no definite solution to protect your self from being affected by BV. But then again there are several methods you can find which help you reduce the probability of obtaining bacterial vaginosis, some of these methods are:

First follow a safe sex intercourse if either one of you experience having sex with other partners. It is not that clearly stated about what the exact role of sexual activities triggers bacterial vaginosis, but females who never had sex is exceptional and is mostly prevalent in ladies that experienced multiple sexes in different males, new sex partners as well as gay women.

Second it is not advisable to douche or perhaps use feminine hygiene sprays as well as scented bathing soaps vagina. These kinds of feminine stuff might disturb the delicate stability of bacteria present inside your vagina. Douching when you are pregnant should not be made, because it will force air to pass underneath your membranes which can cause air embolism that may be life threatening as well.

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