January 24, 2022

Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation

Can pregnancy after tubal ligation be achieved?Quite often women who have undergone the process of their fallopian tubes being surgically tied,ask me this question and are now looking forward to get pregnant using herbal remedies.

My answer to that is: If you have now decided to have children after having a tubal ligation earlier,then first of all you must have the tubal ligation reversal done.This surgical procedure is complicated in nature as it involves cutting away the parts of fallopian tubes which were surgically fused earlier,for creation of an open fallopian tube.

To reiterate, you will require another operation to reopen your fallopian tubes. Herbal and other natural remedies cannot reopen your fallopian tubes after they’ve been surgically closed. However, it is important to remember, after you have surgically undone the initial procedure with a tubal ligation reversal, herbal remedies can increase your chances of conception.

Take the example of two common complications of tubal ligation reversal: Scar tissue and adhesion formation and Infection both of which block the tubes. Scar tissue occurs due to defective healing where as chronic infections lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.

Patients must also take care to avoid infection as Pelvic Inflammatory disease is a common cause of blocked fallopian tubes. Pelvic Inflammatory disease is caused by infection. Therefore it is vital to the chances of conception that post operation infection be prevented.

These herbal agents can be taken either orally or vaginally. If you choose the oral route, the capsule releases the herbs into your digestive and it reaches the tube via the blood stream.

For taking the herbs vaginally,the process involves of,hot water being added to herbs,enabling the in releasing of its healthy compounds ,then straining the mixture prepared of herbs and water,and finally soaking of a tampon in the mixture.Thus,herbal tampon is created,which can be inserted in the vagina,and the mixture reaches the cells of fallopian tubes through the cervix and uterus.

However, it is important not to use herbal tampons to soon, as you will need to wait for your wounds to heal. There have also been cases in which herbal remedies were not necessary, as the fallopian tubes remained unblocked. However, many patients find success with natural remedies if conception remains elusive. Herbal remedies are not the only way that you can help to open up your fallopian tubes and improve the chances of conception.

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