And the Many Changes

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Your life is about to change. , as you know it, will become a thing of the past. Perhaps you’ve dreamt about this pregnancy since you were a , toddling about with dolls in an idyllic fashion. Or maybe your jaw dropped to the floor after finding out that your home pregnancy test returned with an unexpected positive result!

Regardless, this major life event begins a brand new chapter in your life. Having a baby changes all aspects of who you are: physically, socially, morally; all aspects of who you are will be changed in some way by the birth of a child. It’s almost like having your own superhero – to watch your strength and capabilities skyrocket overnight is almost like magic as you grow into a parent. And yet another amazing thing about life is to witness that love for your child rise up from within in an inexplicable way that even makes you start to believe perhaps there really is magic in the after all…

Being pregnant is a miracle and as such will command much appreciation from you know and those you don’t. You might even find yourself being offered advice by complete strangers who want you to experience the joy of childbirth. However, when they start describing their horrific experiences do not forced to reciprocate with your own story or judge them on having become mothers themselves. They should be appreciated, respected and loved for the tender mercies they possess without having to endure any kind of abuse, slander or demeaning language being heaped upon them.

Many people who first learn about their pregnancy are very unprepared for the event. You may not have had enough or even thought about what life would be like should you become pregnant one day. But, if you think certain things might affect your pregnancy you need to be in the know and address them so you can get a handle on everything that could possibly come up if this did happen in real life.

Knowledge is power, and knowing what you can about the territory you’re about to enter can certainly a sense of worry. Keep in mind that there is such a thing as too much knowledge though, especially during pregnancy. Information is important but being overloaded with too much information may leave one feeling like their head is going to explode! It’s good to realize that your body will feel awful and nothing is necessarily wrong when you experience or discomfort. Be reminded your body has been through quite a shock so some things are to be expected.

It is good to know the signs that merit your attention, but do not spend countless nights combing through chapters in baby books which detail everything that can go wrong. Remember that most pregnancies result in normal deliveries and babies. Do not add extra to your already stressed mind and body by spending your time worrying about what might happen. Take a deep breath, enjoy being pregnant, and get ready for all the impending changes ahead!

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