Old-Wives Tales, Fact Or Fiction

Moms to be are inundated with so-called “old wives ” from various sources, always claiming that if they do or don’t do something it could drastically change the outcome of their . Let us break down some of those to moms make sense of the ones to be heeded and fables to ignore.

. It is rumored that a baby’s heart can only accelerate up to around 180 beats per minute. This isn’t true; an infant’s heart rate can in fact vary from 110- to 180 and will change depending on the baby’s activity or even in various developmental stages.

A lot of are under the impression that raising your arm above your head while pregnant could put pressure on the umbilical cord and thereby cause harm to the baby. This is not true at all and is actually completely false. As much as others might like to try and make you worry, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about here because it really isn’t a big deal at all.

If you absolutely need to know the gender of your unborn baby, then have the medical test done to find out. You may not necessarily want to resort to the old wives’ tale that requires the use of Draino. The color of the crystals after you pee on them is supposed to resolve the gender of your infant. This is just dangerous and doesn’t work at all.

For those who have previously struggled with the sensitivity of their lining, there might be a chance that your baby will have lots of . Yes, this goes beyond an old wives’ tale. A study made by Johns Hopkins University investigated the correlation of these two factors and found out that 82 percent of the time when someone was complaining about having severe gastric troubles surly established a direct link to having a hairy newborn as said in an earlier study at John Hopkins University.

Your overall can have a big impact on how you carry your newborn. Each parent-to-be is unique, so we believe carrying your baby one way does not necessarily mean it’s going to be the same gender as last time if you carried the other way. Of course, there are some general things about symptoms in that remain true regardless of gender. Other than that, what is most relevant is looking after your state of mind since having a happy relies heavily on the mental health of an expectant . How will you know what to look out for while being pregnant?

When you are pregnant, you may hear a lot of myths and old wives’ tales surrounding your baby. You will probably hear all sorts of information such as what foods to eat, what not to eat and how to use tofu in place of meatballs on spaghetti. While some facts could prove and beneficial for both you and your baby, others could end up having a negative impact on either or both of you.

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