How Much DHA During Pregnancy Should You Take What Doctors Recommend You Take During Pregnancy

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Are you wondering how much DHA during pregnancy you should take on a daily basis? This article answers this question and discusses the benefits of taking a supplement rich in DHA during pregnancy.

Until recently, the benefits of DHA omega-3 fatty acids were virtually unknown- both to doctors and mothers. But recent clinical studies are showing and doctors are concluding that getting enough DHA during pregnancy is in the best interest of both the mother and her child.

Whether you’re pregnant or not, it’s wise to get a fish oil supplement that’s naturally high in DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids. These are the most readily available forms of omega-3 to the body, and they have the most benefits.

What’s so special about this type of omega-3 fatty acid? Interestingly enough, the human brain actually consists of over 30% DHA omega-3 fatty acids.

On top of this, having large amounts of this essential fatty acid will help guarantee that your baby:

*Has full neurological development

*Develops healthy cardiac and respiratory systems

*Fully develops it’s brain and eyes (visual centers)

*Has fully-function cognitive and learning function and an increased attention span (which is a good measurement of intelligence early in life).

It’ll also support the pregnancy health of the mother, reduce the chances of toxemia, and help prevent pre-term labor and premature delivery.

So How Much DHA During Pregnancy Should You Take?

Sources say that pregnant women should consume at least 250 mg of DHA daily. Can you take more? Most likely, yes, because the average person is recommended to get at least 650 mg/day of DHA and EPA combined. If I we’re you though, I probably wouldn’t take more than 650mg (of DHA andEPA combined that is).

Unfortunately, most pregnant women fail to consume this much DHA during pregnancy. Since most doctors recommend that pregnant women refrain from eating fish because of the contaminants they contain, it’s best that all pregnant mothers take a dietary omega-3 fish oil supplement high in DHA.

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