Restless Legs During Pregnancy

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A woman has to experience innumerable changes in her body during the time of pregnancy. Most of these changes causes a lot of discomfort hence it becomes quite important to seek medical attention, in order to reduce the distress. Restless legs during pregnancy are quite common as nearly thirty percent of the pregnant women undergo it. Some women might experience restless legs during pregnancy, throughout the entire span of pregnancy and some of them might have to endure it during a small period of the entire pregnancy. But in all the cases the most prominent symptom for restless legs during pregnancy, is the feeling of discomfort in the legs when they are at rest. Due to the restless legs during pregnancy syndrome, one feels the need to constantly move their legs in order to ward off the discomfort. Even sleeping becomes a problem with restless legs during pregnancy, as this condition gets worse during the night time.

The exact reason for restless legs during pregnancy is mainly due to hormonal changes and deficiency of iron in the body. With deficiency of iron in the body, the production of dopamine in the brain gets effected. And the moment there is a fluctuation of dopamine levels, then the symptoms of restless legs during pregnancy, crops up and this happens especially during the night. If your doctor fathoms, that the syndrome is mainly due to iron deficiency, then you can start consuming iron supplements. At times even the intake of any medications related to allergy can worsen the syndrome of restless legs during pregnancy.

This syndrome does not last for more than one month after the delivery. Before starting any medications for restless legs during pregnancy, it is better to get the right advice from your doctor so that all the major side effects can be curbed. Yoga and meditation can provide a lot of relief for restless legs during pregnancy, and a many women adopt this route as it has no side effects. The level of estrogen in the body can also be responsible for giving rise to this syndrome and after pregnancy when the level of estrogen decreases then automatically the syndrome also goes away. In most of the cases, restless legs during pregnancy is experienced by women at the last stages of the pregnancy and with the right kind of medication, one can get a lot of relief from the condition.

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