Sure-fire Twenty-nine Weeks Pregnancy Tips

As the baby’s development continues, so do they become more active, when the mother is 29 weeks pregnant. The little flutters she used to feel when the baby moved are now metamorphosed into hard knock and punches, which at times are heavy enough to make the mother catch her breath. At this time, it is advisable to be vigilant, so that in case of a decrease in the movement of the baby, the mother should do a fetal kick count. This is because the baby is now supposed to move in the womb at least ten times in one hour. Note that if the baby’s movements are absent or minimal, the doctor should be notified right away. The muscles and lungs of the baby continue to develop and mature, and in the next weeks, they should be fully matured. This is also the time that the baby’s brain is developing and is almost mature too, as billions of neurons are being formed daily. Take note that the baby’s nutritional needs are highest immediately the mother becomes 29 weeks pregnant, and thus it goes without saying that the mother should eat, rest and sleep well at this very important development stage. Because iron replenishes the red blood cells, the mother should ensure that the least amount of iron they eat on a daily basis should be 30 mg. It is also important for a 29 weeks pregnant mother to insist on a blood test that will determine the level of iron in their blood so that in case it is low, they can get an iron supplement prescription.

It now won’t be too long before the baby arrives.

When 29 weeks pregnant, the uterus is about 3 to 4 inches above the navel, and the mother will start experiencing a weight gain that will be very fast, in the upwards of 25 to 26 pounds, more than their normal weight. This is the time the mother starts to think of how good it will be to have a newborn, like yearning for labor and delivery. The mother is also prone to a heartburn that grows by leaps and bounds by the day. It is important to drink a lot of water during this period, to help stave constipation, which can develop into full flung hemorrhoids.

At 29 weeks pregnant, many mothers develop edema or swelling in the legs and feet, which becomes unbearably uncomfortable. It is advisable to in such a situation drink lots of water and perform exercises that are light, like walking, and ensure that when just seated, to have the feet and legs elevated.

Most women start enjoying their pregnancy tremendously at this time, as it is obvious that they will not be continuing to pamper themselves soon enough when the baby comes, and with this liberating feeling some get facials, manicures, pedicures. It is also important to make the most of this time by enjoying the last few quiet moments with the father tom be as when the baby shows an appearance, it might be too late.

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