The Ideas About How to Choose Skin Care Products After Pregnancy

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There should be the problem about how to choose skin care products after pregnancy. Many pregnancy women are afraid to use any skin care products because they are afraid of doing harm to their own baby by skin care product. In fact, the pregnant women can also use skin care products and then it is just a matter of choice. Today, the website would tell you how to choose skin care products after pregnancy. The website is the professional article online site for the fashion advice and ways on manner, hairstyles, make-up, designer totes and others. If you want to have more information, you could browse their website.

This is the common question for women. After Pregnant, could I use the skin care and make-up like before? In early pregnancy, that is say, within the first three months of pregnancy where is the sensitive period of time for the development of fetal and the fetus is the most unstable. If you are in this period of time, the would remind you use the skin care products to be extra careful. We should try to use fragrance free, non-alcoholic and high-quality skin care products without additives or little additives. In particular, the pregnancy women could not use the whitening, freckle, hair removal which is the strong irritant beauty products. We should also not use oil-based emulsion, scrub and clean solution containing flavor or alcohol content to clean our skin.

If it is not necessary, you should not have make – up because most makeup products contain lead more or less. The lead is the toxic heavy metals which would do harm to the nerve. And it could harm the fetus through the placenta during pregnancy. The long term use for the makeup products which have contained the leads will have a certain impact on pregnant women and fetuses. Lip balm and lip gloss is even more unsafe. The pregnant women would accidentally eat the lipstick or lip gloss so the pregnancy women should avoid using the Lip balm and lip gloss.

The expert from the website to has told us that the pregnant women should pay special attention to the sun. The skin melanin is already active during pregnancy. On the other hand, the skin of the pregnant mother are particularly sensitive with the light so whether at home or go out they should pay more attention to protect them with the sun. The choosing for sunscreen products should be the pure physical sunscreen products which contain the titanium dioxide. Such products usually do not cause skin allergies and is safe. SPF value should not be too high. The product SPF15 is generally not has the feeling of greasy.

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