September 29, 2022

Things To Consider Before Taking Antibiotics During Pregnancy

For normal people, taking antibiotics like amoxicillin is quite alright for treating infections brought about by different kinds of bacteria. But is the same applicable for pregnant women, taking into consideration the fact that they’re in a condition where they are also caring for a growing fetus?

If you’ll ask experts regarding this concern, they would all agree that it depends on a lot of different factors the kind of antibiotic, the amount to be taken, the duration which you’re supposed to take the antibiotic, and at which point in your pregnancy will you be taking the antibiotic.

What kind of antibiotic are you going to take?
There are kinds of antibiotic medications that are safe to be used throughout a woman’s pregnancy. Some good examples for such drugs are penicillin, cephalosporin, and erythromycin. On the other hand, there are some antibiotics that may cause complications to the unborn baby when taken at any point of the pregnancy.

How much antibiotics do you need and for how long?
It is important to be mindful of how much antibiotics you’re going to take during the course of your infection treatment. Taking too many antibiotic pills during your pregnancy may cause your growing baby to develop deformities or abnormalities because of the medicine. The same goes with taking a standard amount of antibiotic but for an extended period of time. It may also affect the growing fetus in your womb.

At what point of the pregnancy will you be taking the antibiotic?
For most antibiotics, they are safe to be taken at any point of the pregnancy, be it on the first, second, or third trimester. However, there are some that can be taken only at certain times in the pregnancy. Metronidazole is safe to use once you’re pregnancy is over 14 weeks old, chloramphenicol is safe to use before you reach your 28th weeks of pregnancy, and sulfa drugs are safe to use prior to 34 weeks of pregnancy. There are still other antibiotics that can only be taken up to a certain point in the pregnancy, but there are some that should never be taken when pregnant. A good example of a very dangerous antibiotic drug to take during pregnancy is Tetracycline.

If you’re pregnant and need to take antibiotics for an infection, do not forget to inform your doctor about it, even if the medication you’re going to take has been approved for pregnant women. This way, you can be sure that while you’re getting better, your baby remains safe and sound.

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