December 4, 2022

Using The Ept Early Pregnancy Test Coerrectly

When a woman suspects she might be pregnant, it is hard to concentrate on anything else until she finds out for sure. An EPT early pregnancy test is easy to find, relatively inexpensive to purchase, and accurate enough to give most women peace of mind quickly and privately. Women who have used an EPT early pregnancy test should go to the doctor for confirmation early in the pregnancy as the earlier prenatal care begins, the better the odds of having a trouble free pregnancy and healthy baby.

How does the EPT Early Pregnancy Test Work?

The EPT early pregnancy test detects a hormone in a woman’s urine that is generally only present during pregnancy. This hormone, called HCG, is released during the process when the embryo adheres to the uterine wall. HCG levels increase at a rapid rate from the point of implantation throughout the first few weeks of pregnancy. The more HCG in the woman’s system, the easier it is for an EPT early pregnancy test to detect the hormone and produce a positive result.

Home pregnancy tests that can detect the lowest number of HCG units can generally give the earliest results. The EPT early pregnancy test can detect HCG at the 20mIU’s – 40mIU’s level. Twenty is generally the most sensitive level, and can therefore be detected earlier in the pregnancy. Some women can get an accurate result as early as a few days before the menstrual period is scheduled to begin. If the test is not performed until the day the period is missed, the accuracy rate can be as high as 99%. That is not to say that a woman should not get confirmation from her doctor after performing an EPT early pregnancy test. She can however, go to the doctor with a reasonably high confidence level that her results are correct.

When an EPT early pregnancy test is conducted, it is best to use a first urine sample in the morning. This will ensure that the highest potential levels of HCG are tested. It should be held under midstream, meaning a small amount of urine should be passed before letting the stream hit the test stick. The test stick includes a control window so that a woman can know that the test is working properly.

The EPT early pregnancy test can be a valuable tool to help a woman discover that she is pregnant very early on in her term. When a pregnancy is confirmed early, prenatal care is started sooner, and the odds of having a trouble-free pregnancy and a healthy baby are increased.

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