You Are Not Alone! Late Is Common Now

Late is more common than ever before. If you’re and over the age of 35, you’re not alone. Be sure to do your research on all aspects of late motherhood. Embrace this time in your life with dignity and maturity.

Late On The Rise Why?

Biological age 20–24 years is the ideal age for women to get pregnant. However, over the last 15 years, the number of women giving birth for the first time between the ages of 30–39 years has nearly doubled. This is largely due to advances in medical science as well as changing socio-economic priorities. It is now not uncommon to find women who are pregnant over the age of 40.

This trend of delayed pregnancy is growing for many reasons. Women these days often delay pregnancy in pursuit of education and career. Late marriage, divorce and remarriage come up as another reason. Availability of successful treatments makes it possible for women to get treated and enjoy motherhood even though it may be late. Chronic diseases and their treatment also lead to delayed pregnancies. It doesn’t matter what your personal reason is. Once you notice any late pregnancy symptom, observe carefully.

Are There Any Risks And Difficulties Involved?

Although the risks of having a baby after 35 are lower than they used to be, they are still present. Older mothers are at higher risk for problems during pregnancy due to their age. These include problems with the placenta, gestational , , and high blood pressure. There is also an increased risk of the baby being born prematurely, with a low birth , or with a birth defect.

The older a is, the longer it takes to conceive – about 6–12 months. The probability of giving birth to a baby with Down syndrome increases with age. The likelihood of complications due to diabetes and blood pressure in the mother. The risk of abruption of placenta and pathologic condition of fetus needing surgical intervention with serious side effectsThere is a risk that delivery may be complicated and prolonged. Generally a Cesarean section is advised.

There are some cope up difficulties that are associated with a late pregnancy. You may not be able to cope up with the demands of baby and further upbringing. So be prepared for a total change in your routine and priorities. On the other extreme, you may be tempted to pamper and spoil your child.

There Are Advantages Too!

Late pregnancy also has several advantages. An older woman who has been waiting for motherhood for many years may view it as a blessing, rather than a burden. She may have already achieved her career goals and be ready to devote time to her baby. She is also likely to be more at peace with herself.

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A dream come true! You are going to be a mother at last. What could be more perfect than this? You have waited so long and now it is finally happening. Congratulations!

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