Revving Up Your Child’s Immune System

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are constantly exposed to germs, both at school and at extracurricular . They can pick up germs from other kids, who may not practice , or from touching common surfaces like doorknobs, computers, and . The school gym and bus are also hotbeds for germs. To prevent the spread of germs, kids should practice good hygiene, like washing their hands often.

Children need to be more careful when it comes to washing their hands. Kids, both sick and healthy, can spread germs by coughing or sneezing into their hands and then touching shared items or other children.

Kids can pick up germs from playing outside and coming into contact with the ground. They can also get germs from playing with pets.

Good hand hygiene is important for , but it’s especially crucial for kids. Children should wash their hands for 20–60 seconds, making sure to get soap under their nails. However, no matter how hard you try to teach good hygiene habits, there will always be the odd parent who sends their sick kid to school.

When a sick comes into contact with common surfaces in a classroom full of healthy kids, germs are transferred and can make everyone sick.

There are plenty of things beyond your control when it comes to keeping your child healthy. But there are plenty of things you CAN do to give your child a fighting chance.

Make sure your child eats a nutritious with plenty of fresh air and rest. And, just as importantly, keep up with their immunizations. With the right antibodies, your child will be able to fight off diseases – many of which are preventable through immunizations.

Besides getting your child immunized, you also want to make sure they get a yearly shot. Getting a flu shot can help prevent your child from getting the flu, which has symptoms like high fever and seizures.

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