Best Times To Get Pregnant

The to get is when you and your partner ready and have an overwhelming desire to have a baby.

Although age may be a factor, it is not as important as one may think. The important thing is to talk about your wish to have a with your partner and agree on a time frame to start the amazing life-changing events a child brings.

These are some questions to ask your partner:

1. How do you feel about having ?

2. When would you like to start a ?

3. Can we afford to have children?

4. Who will be the primary caregiver? You or your partner

5. Are you enough to conceive a baby?

Trying to conceive can be ! You and your partner can get creative when you want to start trying. Keep in mind that it may take up to a year to conceive, so there’s no need to put pressure on yourself.

The best time to become pregnant is during the middle of your , between days 10-20. Each cycle you have a 20% chance of becoming pregnant.

So good luck and enjoy the process!

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