December 6, 2022

Bringing Awareness to Infertility Causes

There are many factors that can spark infertility causes. Some are more widely known such as cancer. Receiving chemotherapy can damage the inside of the testicles resulting in a lowered sperm count. There are other not as well known reasons that can make it difficult for a couple to bear children.

If a man’s sperm count is not as high as it should be, the odds of even reaching the egg are decreased. Low sperm count can be caused by physical damage, such as a blow to the scrotum, medical reasons – like thyroid trouble or by certain types of infections brought on by sexually transmitted diseases. Sperm can also be affected by lifestyle. Overuse of alcohol can lead to infertility because it causes problems with the reproductive system in both men and women.

Sometimes sperm will die before even reaching the egg and if the count is low to begin with, then the odds are even less. On the flip side, however, a sperm count that’s too high can cause trouble with conception.

If the sperm count is too high, it weakens the sperm. Because of the acid in a woman’s vagina, the sperm must be at a certain pH balance in order to survive. If the pH balance is off, the sperm can die in transit.

Sperm have to go forward toward the egg at a rapid rate. If the sperm has trouble with motility, it can affect conception because the sperm don’t go the right way. Sperm are cells that consist of three parts commonly referred to as the head, the middle and the end or the tail. If the head or the tail is not formed correctly, it can lead to infertility due to the fact the sperm get off track. They become misdirected.

If the sperm isn’t shaped normally, it can impede or stop fertilization of the egg. Some men develop a blockage that hampers the sperm. If this is the situation, doctors can usually treat this with minor procedures or in the worst case, surgery.

One not as well known cause of infertility is called varicocele. Ever see a varicose vein on someone’s leg? Varicose veins are veins that swell. They can become large and distended, hot to the touch and quite painful. When varicocele occurs, a vein swells in the scrotum and just like a varicose vein, it can be painful and hot to the touch. The danger with varicocele is that it can cause the testicles to atrophy. Surgery can be done to correct this condition.

Upon occasion, even with much testing, doctors cannot find a reason to pinpoint the exact cause of the infertility, but this isn’t common. Sometimes, the cause of infertility can be found and corrected.

Your best bet is to be open with your doctor about your complete health background, your lifestyle and working environment so the two of you can work together to reach a solution.

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