December 6, 2022

How to Relax When You Only Have a Few Minutes of Peace and Quiet

If you can find even a few minutes each day for peace and quiet, you can use them to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Depending on your tastes, you can find several ways to spend as little as ten minutes relaxing when the kids are napping or just before they wake in the morning.

Here are some ideas:

• During your child’s naptime, take a short catnap. Make sure you can hear your little one when he wakes up.
• Sit quietly and do some deep breathing exercises. Sit straight and breath in deeply to the count of six – breathe deeply under you fill your whole lungs. Hold for a couple counts and then release the breath slowly until all the air is out of your lungs. Repeat several times.
• Read a few pages of a favorite book.
• If there is another responsible person in the house, take a few minutes to go outside and take a walk, or work in the garden (but only if gardening is fun for you – if you consider it or anything else work, it won’t be as relaxing).
• Unwind for a few minutes by working on a craft that you love, like scrapbooking, beading or card making.
• Get an exercise DVD that has it’s program cut into short segments – do one or two exercise segments to burn off some stream and relax your body.
• Do a short yoga session.
• Take a few minutes to do some good healthy stretching.
• Sit quietly and write in a journal. Write anything – your hopes, dreams, plans or funny things that have happened.
• Sit quietly on the porch or patio and watch the world go by.
• Make yourself a cup of tea and sip it slowly. Nibble on a favorite cookie, too.
• Fix yourself a healthy sandwich or bowl of soup and take your time eating it – don’t gulp it down.
• Fix a facemask and give yourself a facial. Rinse the mask off; apply moisturizer and makeup for a refreshed looking you.

These are only a few ideas of ways to relax in just a few minutes. You can probably come up with a long list of things you like to do when you have some free time that help you feel refreshed and relaxed.

Even when you have children, a home, a job, a relationship, hobbies, classes to take, friends to pay attention to, a lawn to be mowed and dishes to wash, you still need to grab time for yourself to relax, unwind and refresh yourself.

These small moments can be valuable helpers in keeping you de-stressed and on an even keel. As a mom, you’ve got a lot to do and a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. It’s important to remember that one of your first responsibilities is to take care of yourself.

You’ll be able to better perform all of you other jobs. Relaxation is a vital element of everyone’s life. Without it, stress can creep up and overtake you, making you less effective as a mother, and in other areas of your life.

Stress can also affect your health and well-being – if it’s bad enough, to the point of making you ill. Don’t miss even small opportunities to relax and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.


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