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can make feel out of sorts and uncomfortable. the symptoms of early pregnancy can you take steps to get back to feeling your best. Early signs of pregnancy may be difficult to identify, but they probably won’t cause too much concern unless they persist or worsen. It’s not uncommon for early signs of pregnancy to overlap with the discomforts typical in the days leading up to a ’s period.

Here are the early pregnancy signs experienced by pregnant woman:• Missing period: This is perhaps the most obvious signs of pregnancy. This is the point where woman starts looking out for other pregnancy symptoms and searching in detail about them. Some womaen may also experience a lighter flow as compared to the usual periods.

• Feeling: Some woman get an intuition that they are pregnant. These feelings are very often proven correct. Feeling different than usual, tired, moody, lightheaded or nauseous are some early signs of pregnancy. You might also experience heartburn, constipation or face frequent urination.

• Breast tenderness: One of the many early signs of pregnancy is tender, swollen or sore breasts. This sign might be noticed when you are going to bed, exercising, taking a showering or even when you are getting dressed. This happens because of the preparation your is making for producing milk and breastfeeding.

• Fatigue: Fatigue is noticed as the early signs of pregnancy amongst many women. You may tend to get tired sooner than usual and start going to bed earlier. You might find exercise is taking more effort than always. This state of the body is caused due to changes your body is going through for the of the fetus.

• Frequent urination: The swelling of the uterus exerts more pressure on your bladder, and due to this you may notice your trips to the washroom becoming more frequent. Pregnancy also the extra fluids in your body to be processed in the kidneys and bladder. Some women experience this throughout their nine months of pregnancy.

: This is the most experienced sign. Feeling sick, nausea and vomiting are few of the symptoms that are experienced by most of the pregnant woman.

• Dizziness or fainting: Women might also experience dizziness or fainting when climbing the stairs, standing up suddenly or just standing for a short while. This occurs due to the compression of the arteries in your legs because of the swelling up of the uterus. This can also drop your blood pressure and make you dizzy.

Food cravings: You could suddenly start craving for foods that you didn t eat much usuallyotherwise. On the other hand, some woman also experience aversion to certain foods. This sign is not so common.

• Sense of smell: Early pregnancy sign also includes the heightened sense of smell. This is considered to be one of the side effects of the high levels of estrogen in your body.

Mood swings: This is very commonly to fiound in pregnant women. This time if a woman s life involves major emotional adjustment to her new responsibilities. It is normal for women in such states to go into doubt about their mselves. This could turn into frequent mood swings and making the person getting irritated more often. This symptom reduces in the early trimester.

• Higher body temperature: One of the side effects of pregnancy is the increase in body temperature. Pregnant womean may feel warmer than usual and think she isfeel like coming down with flu. Unlike the normal temperature differences during the menstrual cycle, the body temperature could stay up for a few weeks in a row.

• Lower : Due to the weight change in the pregnant woman s body, she might experience pain in the lower back. The uterus swells up and as your baby gains weight every week, your back faces problems supporting the additional weight. Your posture and torso also goes out of alignment. Since most of the weight is on your front torso, this strains the back.

: It is not so common known. There could be a slight bleeding in the initial stages of conception due to the implantation of the fertilized egg on the uterus wall. This takes place within a few days of fertilization.

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