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The first trimester is the most crucial stage of a . It comprises the first thirteen weeks, during which the baby begins to develop most of its organs. This is also a stage where pregnancy could cause many complications. If you’re a smoker, it’s best to give up the habit immediately. Smoking can pose a threat to your baby during . If you drink alcohol, you should immediately. You should also reduce your intake of caffeine and make sure you’re getting enough minerals and vitamins.

However, this is the stage when you could easily develop such as morning , fatigue, and the urge to urinate. Although many might not get these symptoms, you need not worry too much if you do not exhibit them. You could just consider yourself very lucky! However, you and your spouse should visit the doctor regularly; this is the stage when you should be more careful about taking care of yourselves as well as your little baby who is just growing bit by bit entirely dependent on you, your , and your eating habits.

The second trimester of pregnancy is often a more relaxed for expecting mothers as they are no longer plagued with morning sickness and vomiting. You may also start to your baby moving around in your womb, but along with the good comes a few downsides such as headaches and back stiffness. Women’s physical appearance will also be greatly enhanced by the in hormone levels, for example, you might notice your stomach bulging as your baby grows. Although this trimester your baby’s bones will become stronger, it’s important that you continue to take minerals and vitamins to ensure their .

The final trimester of pregnancy can be both exciting and stressful as the due date nears, and you start to wonder about all the advantages and disadvantages of having a baby. You may also be feeling mixed emotions as your changes quickly during this time. Although you may be looking forward to the anticipated event, you could also be feeling anxious about it. At this stage in your pregnancy, your baby has gone through all the stages of growth and is now a fully-fledged fetus, ready to enter the world outside. This is an exciting and contenting time for any woman – feeling wanted, loved, and depended on.

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