Foods To Be Avoided During Pregnancy

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The pregnant women are consequently triggered of their diets plan. They are found to be worried about their diet issues. They do not want to eat such things that are harmful for her or for her baby. Some people believe that the pregnant women should take the diet of two persons that means according to them pregnant women should increase their diets. But as the doctors suggest that the pregnant woman should consume the balanced diets so that it can provide nutrients to both the mother and the baby. But of course their balanced diet must include the foods that contain the healthy nutrients and cannot harm both of them. The following tips will help you to keep the pregnant woman and the baby healthy and strong.

Regarding the fruits pine apple should be avoided as it is rich in bromelain which causes the softening of the cervix leading to early labour. One can take pineapple in the moderate form as it will have no effect on the labour and the delivery. But drinking its juice excessively will drag for facing the diarrheas symptoms which will be threats for you and for your baby also.

The pregnant woman if suffers from constipation or the gas or any stomach disorders should avoid pea and other editable foods that are heavy to digest. But in response they should be given green gram or other which are normally digestible foods.

In India it has been severely seen that the women, during the pregnancy, carry fast which is not good for them as well as for their children. They should avoid keeping fast.

There can be the risk of contamination with the confirm bacteria if a pregnant woman consumed uncooked seafood in rare to undercooked food. The beef and poultry should also be avoided.

The pregnant women should also bear in their mind that consumption of mercury during the pregnancy can lead to the case of brain damage. So the fish that contains high level of mercury should not be consumed. Moreover, the fish like swordfish, king mackerel, shark, and title fish naturally have the low mercury but yet according to the doctors should be taken in the moderate form.

In the terms of cheese the women should avoid taking heavy quantity of it. Due to reason as they are made, the soft cheese contains the certain bacteria which will be harmful for woman and for baby too.

Smoking and addiction of alcohol will be the most dangerous for the normal delivery. Your habit of smoking and alcohol can abolish your baby. Better give up smoking and taking alcohol as soon as possible.

They should avoid taking foods prepared with as raw partially the eggs. You should be alert while cooking egg. You are required to let the egg yolk and whites are firm.

While pregnancy the woman should intake the brinjal, suran/yam, papaya, celery, onion, chilly, garlic, ginger, pepper, , mustard, bajara, carom seeds, jaggery in the moderate form. The women who have had the abortion cases must avoid completely consuming these things.


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