Morning (Hypermisis Gravidarum) and Homeopathy Treatment

As your body changes , you may experience severe or vomiting, especially in the morning. Some people refer to this as ‘’ when it happens after eating and smelling other food-related scents. This severe form of nausea and vomiting associated with a healthy is called hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), and you should seek medical help if it continues for some . Morning sickness is a mild form of nausea that typically occurs in women during the first month after conception. Approximately 80% of pregnant women experience morning sickness; however, this usually subsides within the first trimester, although 10 to 20% continue to experience it throughout their whole pregnancy. During its peak, morning sickness can be so severe that even staying hydrated and getting nutrients becomes difficult.

There is a difference between hyperemesis and being sick in the morning. You can have nausea and vomiting with morning sickness or just be sick in the morning without it. Nausea will go away after your first trimester, but vomiting might still happen if you get some sensitive smells. It’s okay because you can keep down food if it’s something you want to eat.

In Hyperemisis Gravidarum there signs that can be the indication of this problem:

– Chronic Nausea
– Vomiting of bile or blood.
– Chronic dehydration.
– Muscle weakness.
Weight loss of more than 10% of body weight before pregnancy.
– Inability to drink.
– Decrease in urination
– Headaches
– Confusion, fainting
– Jaundice
– Extreme fatigue
– Low blood pressure
– Rapid heart rate
– Loss of elasticity
– Secondary anxiety/depression

Some alternative practices are safe to be used during pregnancy. Some people go for homeopathy, which is a gradual process that helps sustain wellness. The process can help treat conditions like nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, constipation, and food aversion / aversion in pregnancy.

Please note you must always consult your qualified Homeopathic Practitioner for .

Since early pregnancy brings about morning sickness, and it happens for a few days, the way to treat it is through taking these remedies that soothe nausea and avoid vomiting. Some of these methods are:

1 – Nux Vomica is a good remedy when you’re impatient, irritable and feel cold. A woman is especially likely to feel sick in the mornings just after waking up and after eating anything. She may experience an urge to vomit which she can’t control – there is a burning sensation in the stomach as well as cramps in it. The patient often feels better after eating even though she might still not be feeling 100% yet.

2 – Pulsatilla it is a good remedy for nausea that worsens in the afternoon and evening.

3 – She feels ill by most of the foods, especially fatty and greasy food. As there is no thirst even though she feels better by cool drinks, it is thought to be her overeating. Women are usually weepy and need lots of attention and security.

4 – Ipecac: this remedy is useful when there is constant nausea, with retching and belching. Even after vomiting, the nausea remains. She feels worse by motion, but better when lying down.

5 – Sepia is a great homeopathic remedy for queasiness, including nausea and periodic symptoms, particularly in the morning. Symptoms are worsened by eating and may be alleviated by lying down; the patient may feel like eating a sour substance to quell their symptoms. There is usually an excess of phlegm in the mouth. The patient craves things that they wouldn’t normally eat because they taste better at this point, like pickles or vinegar-based foods (this is an aversion). The patient tends to be disgruntled and mentally slow instead of “herself”.

These are some homeopathic remedies that will help treat this form of morning sickness. There are many other homeopathic remedies available that can be prescribed according to a pregnant woman’s needs. But it’s imperative you consider consulting with a qualified, registered homeopath in order to get the right remedy and dosage based on each individual.

Everybody is entitled to choose their own path, and it’s their responsibility to evaluate the various , so they can then make the best decision for themselves.

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