Tips For A Happy And Fit Pregnancy

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Having a baby can be an overwhelmingly exciting time not to mention filled with many unique challenges and changes to your body, your mind, and everything else around you! For women who want to take every moment of this in that way, these are some “revel-in-every-second” pregnancy tips.

7 Pregnancy Tips

– Listen to your body : watch what you eat! Don’t starve yourself, and don’t overdo it. Eat solid foods with high nutritional content and enough calories.

Exercise Regularly Exercising helps keep your joints and muscles limber throughout the pregnancy. It is to stay active while you can, since many women feel exhausted in their first few months of pregnancy.

– Get your beauty Take 7-8 hours of sleep every night. If you’re not getting enough sleep, try napping during the day. In the third trimester, you should only lie on your left side while sleeping in order to minimize risks until you progress into the fourth trimester stage when most women may resume sleeping on their backs.

– Stay clean and fragrant   During pregnancy, you’re likely to be having more hormonal fluctuations than normal which can result in increased sweating. This may be a good reason to take proper showers/baths every day, preferably with warm water. It’s better to keep your mouth healthy by brushing your teeth regularly (do not use hard toothbrushes) using soft brushes. Your vaginal area is also at risk of infections; so make sure you keep it clean by maintaining proper but remember that all women’s bodies are different so what works for some, might cause an allergic reaction in others (like dryness etc.). Try to stay away from the sun as much as possible during your pregnancy as it should never be over-exerted!

– Shop for wear It’s important to invest in both functional and fashionable maternity wear. Try and find pieces that are comfortable yet stylish. So put those skinny jeans away, instead try and a more forgiving pair of skinny-fit pants like leggings. Keeping your feet happy is also crucial so avoid wearing heels while opting for more flat or low options instead! Enjoy being and dress it up as much as you can!

– You should see your doctor every month in the first trimester. After that, you probably won’t need to as often. It’s a good idea to go once a week from week 28 onwards. Towards the end of your pregnancy, you may find that you need to see your doctor every day! Your doctor can make sure that everything is OK with you and your baby.

– During pregnancy it is more important than ever to keep a positive outlook, so don’t forget to take time out each day to do something you enjoy. Also, spending time with others who are also pregnant can be truly therapeutic, as they will be able to relate and comfort you. Taking care of yourself in other ways such as exercising or practicing is another great form of self esteem boosting and preparing for childbirth. Try to do things that make you feel good . (Well, this doesn’t mean you gorge on pizzas and chocolate cakes! Also, check with your doctor if you have doubts about sexin the second trimester. Generally, it’s okay to have sex in the second trimester. You should avoid the first trimester and weeks before the due date.)

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life. If you are expecting, the above tips should help you have the healthiest pregnancy possible!

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