The Causes and Remedies For Indigestion During Pregnancy

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Indigestion during pregnancy is unfortunately a very common, normal, and annoying condition. Because of the delicate situation that your unborn child is in, there are few medications that you will be permitted to use when indigestion pain strikes. And, unlike common indigestion problems in those who are not pregnant, indigestion during pregnancy can be brought on by almost any type of food at any time of day. This unpredictability makes prevention a very difficult goal to reach, but there are ways that we can make it a bit easier on ourselves. The following are a few safe and effective methods that you can use to prevent and curb the symptoms of indigestion.

Indigestion during pregnancy is brought on by two different issues, the first being the added weight and pressure that the growing womb places on the internal organs, including the stomach and intestines. With space dwindling within the abdomen, the stomach becomes more squeezed and therefore sensitive. Also, there is sometimes an abundance of stomach acids created by the hormonal changes during gestation, and this can add to the possibility and the severity of indigestion during pregnancy. Smaller meals that are more bland will need to be chosen over large, spicy dishes, and you will need to eat 5 or 6 times each day rather than 3 or 4. Also, avoid eating anything aside from crackers or bread within 2 hours of bedtime.

When indigestion during pregnancy does occur, there are ways that you can help it to subside more quickly. Keeping in minds that baking soda and antacids are not an option for you at this time, you will want to keep a few special spice remedies at hand and on the ready. These will include cinnamon, peppermint, and cumin. Also, having a few fresh lemons laying around is never a bad ides. With your cinnamon or with a touch of peppermint leaf, steep a relaxing tea that you can drink after each meal or snack, and again if the pain of indigestion begins. The same can be done with your fresh lemon squeezed into hot water. These brews will be best consumed while you move around and stay mobile. You don’t have to move fast, but the walking will help to push the gases up to the top of your stomach and out, relieving pressure, bloating, pain, and burning.

If you are having extreme indigestion during pregnancy, you can try to eat some bread or crackers, and possibly sip on some warm milk to help absorb and cut the acids which are hurting you. Remember to remain upright for up to 30 minutes after the pain subsides if you aren’t too tired, as this will keep the pain from recurring.

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