IPL Hair Removal During Pregnancy

There are many techniques to remove unwanted hair and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is one of the newest technologies to help remove unwanted hair permanently. This process is similar to laser in that it stops the hair follicle from producing more hair. Once the hair falls out then hopefully the follicle will produce no more. IPL is one kind of laser treatment which is also known as photo rejuvenation treatment. However, IPL process is not suitable for breastfeeding or pregnant women.

The main reason is that a pregnant woman produces different chemicals during this period. Therefore, their bodies will reject many treatments that are not natural. And since IPL is not a natural method, pregnant women’s bodies reject it. It should be pointed out that it’s not just IPL that is not suitable for pregnant women, even other techniques for hair removal such as waxing, hair removal cream or electrolysis is not advised. Many women have had major allergic reactions when they have used waxing during pregnancy even if they had used it previously without side effects.

The reason behind this is that during pregnancy, a woman’s body experiences many major hormonal changes. Their skin becomes very sensitive and it has been found that their level of progesterone hormone increases. This is the major reason why some pregnant women develop thick and dark hair around their abdominal area. Women who never had hair in that area may get scared and shocked to notice hair growth in abdominal zone during pregnancy.

Pregnant women have experienced many adverse effects in the process of IPL hair removal therefore it is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Research needs to be undertaken to determine how pregnant women can have permanent hair removal during this period. Until then, an expectant mother you should not visit any hair removal clinic for treatments such as IPL, laser or waxing. Other hair removal treatments such as shaving can be performed if done carefully. Like all walks of life, there are some less reputable people out there that will still take your money and not advise you against such precautions. However, the vast majority of companies will inform you of the risks of certain hair removal techniques during pregnancy.

Many international medical regulations clearly state that any woman, who is pregnant, should not take any medicines or should not submit to any medical treatments which could cause adverse effects on the unborn baby. Certain hair removing treatments fall in this category and should be totally avoided. Any hair removal company deviates from these regulations could be sued if they permit such treatments.

If you have had IPL treatment during pregnancy then you’ll be relieved to hear that the process is teratogenic, which means that IPL doesn’t affect the fetus. In IPL, the thermo effect of light penetrates at most a depth of 6mm, which clearly means that it is limited to skin only and does not penetrate inside the muscles or any other parts of your body.

Therefore, before taking any hair removal treatment during pregnancy of breast feeding discuss this with your doctor first to be on the safe side.

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