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So many women are an intervention-free nowadays. In order to avoid interventions such as pain medication, internal fetal monitoring, and Pitocin contractions, women often use different types of pain relief that can help them manage their labors better. For example it has been observed that giving in water can lead to a lower number of requests during labor overall.

Let’s talk about some of the ways women may avoid getting help sooner rather than later. What are some ways that women can tell themselves they are safe to keep going, whatever the circumstances? Here are some examples:

Hydrotherapy or Waterbirth

Water births can be tempting, but keep in mind that they are not for everyone. Finding a reliable partner to take care of you and your baby at home is one great way to stay in control as well as maintain a level of , which will make birthing more manageable overall.


Gentle touch throughout childbirth has a positive effect on some women. A way it can have a positive impact is to apply pressure to the lower back to help alleviate pain caused by the baby’s skull pressing against the spine. As the baby begins to make its way out, it can place considerable pressure on that area which can be excruciating! By providing counter-pressure, you’ll be able to relieve it and less pain with each contraction.

Perineal massage is another preventative measure meant to reduce the likelihood of experiencing an episiotomy. Perineal massage can help improve the elasticity and suppleness of your perineum, making it less likely to tear during birth.

Birth Balls

Some women are familiar with the use of balls to aid with labor, but those who sometimes prefer the inclusion of a ball in their exercise routine because it enables them to achieve greater flexibility. Essentially, birth allow pregnant women to remain upright while performing normal daily activities – that way they are more in tune with the natural labor developments.


If a woman gives birth in an advanced state of focus, relaxation and hypnosis she receives a natural process of her labor. Hypnosis uses the power of suggestion to induce a state of deep muscle relaxation facilitating the process. A trained hypnotist will help you learn to direct yourself into a hypnocratic state. This may take some , but be patient as you will reap the down the road with easier day experiences.


Every acupressure point is connected to a different point, which also means that every two points are connected to each other. By applying pressure on one, a complementary result and sensation is achieved on the other. It’s all very holistic in that even if you’re working with just one important or given organ or meridian there are always related others involved as well.


More like “light” hypnosis, visualization exercises help the woman picture key images that result in greater relaxation and “loosening” of the body. She may visualize a piece of ripe fruit with all the seeds spilling out, or a peaceful nature scene.

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