Lower Back Pain In Early Pregnancy 11 Weeks

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As we are well aware of the fact that pregnancy is an extreme of physiology or normal functioning of the human body. It affects almost all the parts of human body and thus the back of the pregnant woman is not spared though. Backache is the most common symptom of early pregnancy. It can occur as early as in the sixth to eight week or it may appear at the end of sixth month of pregnancy lately. Lower back pain in early pregnancy 11 weeks is the most common symptom of first trimester.

Women have family history or past history or lower backache usually presents with hand an finger pain in early pregnancy. If the woman is pain free prior to pregnancy then backache may appear as late as sixth or even eighth month of pregnancy. Although lower backache is a common and safe symptom of pregnancy and usually has nothing to do with the outcome of pregnancy, however, in few selected cases if the pain is not settling with the painkillers investigations must be carried out in order to rule out miscarriage or abortion.

Few causes of back pain during pregnancy have been proposed which are;
– Enlarged uterus enlarged uterus shifts the center of gravity and puts unusual strain on the abdominal muscles loosening them. Moreover, presence of fetus and enlarged uterus causes puts unusually stress on the back and causes an abnormal posture leading to back pain at the end of the day.
– Hormonal changes during pregnancy certain hormonal changes loosen the ligaments attaching the back bone with the pelvis. This causes instability of the joints and pain in the back while carrying out day to day activities.
– Compression of the nerve – enlarged uterus can sometimes compress the nerve supplying the back and may cause the lower back pain in early pregnancy.

There are two common types of lower back pain in early pregnancy;
– Lower back pain (Lumbar pain)
– Posterior pelvic pain

Lower back pain (Lumbar pain) usually occurs in the area of the back where lumbar vertebrae are present. It is similar to the pain which women face even before pregnancy and many men face during their life. It usually occurs in the lumbar portion of the spine on the waist line. Pain may also radiate to one or both the legs. This type of pain is aggravated by sitting or standing for long time during the day and is worse at the end of the day.

Posterior pelvic pain usually occurs below the level of lumbar pain usually in both the buttocks may or may not be radiating to the thighs. This pain is aggravated by walking, rolling in bed, twisting or climbing stairs. Pregnant women can have both types of lower back pains simultaneously and the aggravating factors must be taken care of.

It is always better to consult your antenatal physician in cases of lower back pain during pregnancy 11 weeks. Pregnancy safe painkillers are usually effective in the management of lower back ache.


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