October 28, 2021

Pest Control – Is It Safe During Pregnancy

Many expecting mothers are faced with making decisions to protect themselves and their baby during pregnancy. A pest control service is just one of the many things that a woman has to decide whether or not should be continued and if it is, what are the possible side effects to her and the baby? Although the idea of extermination and pest removal is often tied to the use of pesticides and chemicals, when services are done by a professional pest management company, there are actually many different treatment options, some with no chemicals at all. Here is some information to help expecting mothers decide whether or not pest control is safe during pregnancy.

Always consult the professionals

Store bought treatments that are designed to kill bugs, insects and other critters are not a good idea and especially for pregnant women. The use of chemicals by someone other than a trained expert can result in the use of too much chemical. Also if used improperly and in areas without proper ventilation you increase the risk to health. Since expecting moms and their babies are already at a higher risk for illness, the misuse of chemical could really have harmful effects for both.

If you have identified an infestation in your home or are scheduled for your routine pest control services, it is advised to contact the company first and let them know that you are pregnant. Many companies today use integrated pest management (IPM) techniques which include pest exclusion and chemical free treatments that are safe for both expecting woman and the environment.

But even if there is a pest problem that requires the use of pesticides, technicians will be able to apply the appropriate amounts to treat for the problem while having no effect on mom and baby. You may be asked to stay away from the treated area for a certain period of time if they do not feel that it is safe. Since pest control technicians have been trained to use pesticides in homes with pets, children, and parents, they are well equipped to keep you and your entire family safe from any harmful side effects.

A pest infestation could be more harmful than treatment

Consider the effects of an infestation in your home. Rodents, cockroaches, and many other pests carry health risks that are likely to outweigh the effects of a professional treatment. Rodents transmit germs, bacteria and other harmful pathogens through contact, droppings, and urine. They could leave your kitchen, food, wall voids, and storage spaces contaminated with their filth that is likely to leave you feeling ill. Mice are also known to transmit the respiratory disease, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome which is potentially fatal especially for someone with an already lowered immune system.

Cockroaches carry many similar health risks as rodents. They also collect bacteria and diseases on the spine of their legs from trash and sewage and then track it through your home including your kitchen and food surfaces. They can leave your kitchen contaminated in no time and that is not something you want to risk while you are carrying a child and already sensitive to many foods.

As you can imagine, having a pest infestation is going to outweigh professional pest control services. By maintaining your routine services you are not going to have to suffer from bugs taking over and having to debate the harms of extermination options. In the end you and your baby will be more safe living in a pest free home. But as with any concerns during your pregnancy it is advised to contact your doctor and discuss all of your options.

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