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Posted by on Oct 5, 2021 in Pregnancy, Health | 0 comments

Physical Changes Responsible For Back Pain During Pregnancy

Physical Changes Responsible For Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain related to pregnancy is a natural condition suffered by millions of women. Although not life-threatening, it is extremely uncomfortable and affects your bodys agility. The pain in the lower back is often described as dull and unrelenting. For most, the pain typically occurs where the spine and the pelvis meet. When you wake up in the morning, your back may begin by feeling stiff; the pain develops in to soreness throughout the day. Performing recommended regular exercises that focus on your spine can help with back pain relief.

Some of the main physical reasons for backache during pregnancy are weight gain, hormonal changes, and change in posture.

Additional Weight Gain-

Normally, women gain 25 to 35lbs during a healthy pregnancy. Factors responsible for such enormous weight gain are accumulated pregnancy-related fat, and the babys growing body. Lower back pain is triggered when the babys weight along with the uterus exerts gradually increasing pressure on the nerves and the blood vessels in the back and pelvis. Your spine has to support all the extra weight, which results in continual, dull spine ache.

Changes Caused By Hormone-

A hormone called relax in is produced by your body during pregnancy. As part of the delivery preparation, this hormone causes the ligaments in the pelvic region to loosen up and relaxes the joints as preparation for delivery. Your lower back pain persists as a result of loosed ligaments, which support the spine. The consequence is pain and instability of the back. This is a very delicate condition that requires extra care and attention. It is essential that you stay away from carrying heavy work during pregnancy to bring some back pain relief and prevent damage to the spine.

Change In Body Posture-

Your posture takes a different turn during pregnancy. As the weight increases in your uterus and to the rest of your lower body, your body experiences a change in the center of gravity. As you begin to adjust your posture and movements, additional stress is exerted on your spine, resulting in persistent back pain.

While backaches are normal part of being pregnant, it is essential that you keep discuss it with your ob/gyn. She will be able to prescribe medication and exercises to soothe the lower back pain and strengthen muscles. Your body is at its most delicate stage during pregnancy. A change in lifestyle has to be implemented. Avoid making sudden, quick movements especially during the later stages to prevent severe spine ache or damage.

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