Symptoms During Third Trimester

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The third trimester of lasts from weeks 29 to week 40 or 42 if your baby comes six weeks or more late.

The that one begins to experience during this time are listed down below:

Week 29

A healthy diet rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates may help you gain 11 pounds a week . Other symptoms of Pregnancy Side Effects are mood swings, lethargy, , sciatica and an increased likelihood of getting the flu or any other infections.

Week 30

By this time, first time mothers can begin to feel flabbergasted by pregnancy. Hormones begin to take their toll and get the best of the ’s emotions and patience. Fatigue becomes an issue for them during these last weeks, especially when fatigue from carrying such a large baby takes its toll on the thirty-week-plus mommies. The of her uterus also betters with each passing week making it more difficult for some women to move around freely.

Week 31

Expecting mothers gain about 21 to 27 pounds by this week. Other pregnancy signs that may require special attention this week are relaxing of ligaments for childbirth, breasts in preparation for milk production, the beginning of Braxton-Hicks contractions and frequent urination at night. It’s important for expecting mothers to find a comfortable position to sleep in and understand how their bodies can best accommodate their growing belly so as not to make a common complaint like back pain even worse.

Weeks 32 to 35 in Third Pregnancy Trimester

Pregnant women usually experience signs and symptoms at different points during their pregnancy trimester. No matter where a woman chooses to finish out her pregnancy, over the course of 3 months she is likely to put on about 30 more pounds!

Week 37

Expecting mothers tend to feel pressure in their lower abdomen as the baby begins preparations for delivery. One of the signs can be an increase in breast size or a vaginal discharge, occur at this time of pregnancy.

Week 38

Expecting moms often find it difficult to lie flat on their backs. They are more likely to experience problems when attempting to sit as well, especially while experiencing frequent urination and similar pregnancy complications like preeclampsia.

Week 40 till delivery

As the baby continues to kick throughout the (second) trimester, you may be able to feel the movements more easily. Some women report feeling as if their unborn is punching or kicking them of late. Some women may start experiencing lower abdominal cramping on a daily basis. You will be prompted to make frequent trips to the bathroom due to this. At any time during the or even late at night, your body could involuntarily go into active labour and deliver your child prematurely. Induction of labour can occur between week 38-40 in which case you’ll need a doctor to determine when it’s best to induce labour and help manage pain (in case it occurs before labour spontaneously begins).

Dr. Rinki Rawat writes in this article that you will learn more about pregnancy, its symptoms, and how to become pregnant at’s care website.

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