Post Pregnancy Tummy Exercises


A new moms to-do list never ends: feed the baby, change the baby, and do post pregnancy tummy exercises. If youre like most new moms, shedding the baby weight is one of your first priorities after delivery. Take sleepless nights and breastfeeding into account and you will undoubtedly find yourself tired and fatigued. Your body needs the nutrients in food for energy, so while eating healthy is important, counting calories is not the answer.

Post pregnancy tummy exercises are key to losing the 30 pounds the average woman gains during gestation. While losing those last few pounds will be difficult, it is certainly possible.

Use these post pregnancy tummy exercises to get rid of that unwanted belly:

1.Scissor Kicks
Scissor kicks can be modified for beginner, intermediate or expert exercisers and are great for targeting your abdominals. Start out lying on the floor and place your hands underneath your buttocks. Bend your knees slightly and then lift your legs so that your heels are about six inches from the floor. Lift your left leg to a 45-degree angle while keeping your right leg lowered, and then switch legs. Do three sets of ten repetitions.

2.Ball Crunches
Exercise balls will become your best friend during your post pregnancy tummy exercises. Ball crunches are performed just like regular crunches, however there is an added element of balance making the exercise even more challenging. Position the ball under your lower back. Using your abs, lift your torso off the ball and bring your ribcage towards your hips. Make sure the ball remains stable. Lower back down and repeat for 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

3.Pelvic Tilts
Pelvic tilts are one of the best exercises for toning your lower abs. Lie down with your back firmly pressed against the floor and bend your knees. Keep your feet on the floor and slowly raise your pelvis. Hold this position briefly and then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat this exercise for three sets of 15 repetitions.

4.Yoga and Aerobics Classes
Yoga and aerobics are excellent ways to get your blood flowing and minimize stress. Oftentimes, local gyms offer postpartum classes, which are great places to start your post pregnancy tummy exercises. Just a few minutes a day can help speed up your recovery as well as fight depression.

Additional Suggestions
Post pregnancy tummy exercises are vital to losing weight after pregnancy, but for better results, take these additional tips into consideration:

Do not restrict calories. Instead, eat a diet high in salmon, blueberries, almonds, brown rice, and leafy greens. Additionally, drink lots of water.

Post pregnancy tummy exercises are extremely important for new moms trying to lose all of the weight they gained during pregnancy. Be sure to check with a doctor and wait about six weeks before exercising.

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