January 28, 2022

Pregnancy and Gestation in Cats

Much like other animals, if a cat is not spayed or neutered they will want to reproduce. A female cat can give birth to a litter of kittens and they usually takes around 65 days for the full gestation phase to get done. Any birth that occurs before the 60-day period will most likely result in the death of the kittens, as they will not have the maturity level to survive. Understanding the pregnancy of a cat can be a useful thing for those that are breeding or have a pet that is showing certain signs that they will be giving birth to a litter in the near future. The following will serve to give you a basic understanding of feline pregnancy and how to care for the cat.

The only thing that you’ll notice from your pet when they are pregnant is that they will begin to swell. There are no signs that you will see that will indicate changes at first, and even though the weight gain will be detectable, without an ultrasound, you may not know what is going on in the first 20 days or so. There are some cats that will have morning sickness for a few days, but that will not last for a long time. After 35 days of pregnancy, the cat will start to show signs, including enlarged belly and nipples that will start to have a milky fluid. After 40 days there will be some signs that things are progressing smoothly and in a matter of 20 days or so, the birth will occur.

Feline pregnancy is something that requires a veterinarian visit after around two weeks time from the point of mating. Tests that are done will be scheduled throughout the pregnant phases and should not be neglected, visit a vet. Any number of things could go wrong with the gestation period, and the birth cycle. Once the birthing process has occurred, the kittens will require attention.

It’s imperative that once a feline is pregnant that no medications or vaccinations be given because they can prove deadly as they are toxic. If the birth process is going to be had at home, than a visit to the vet should be done at least a week or so in advance of the expected arrival point. At that point you can get some recommendations, tips, and information as to what to do when the newborn kittens arrive and what to expect through the maturing process.

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