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Sometimes notwithstanding our intentions unwanted pregnancies cannot be avoided. One of the sad causes of it may be contraceptive failure. Once the moment of excitement passes the only thing that is left is a lifetime of regret with nothing to do but facing the consequences of the mindless action. There are various to avoid pregnancyand remaining safe from unwanted childbearing. The most important thing is the responsibility of the concerned parties and how they deal with the so that no cause for hue and cry occurs later on.

1. Abstinence: There is no other method of avoiding and keeping safe from a host of other diseases and then a complete abstinence from sexual activity. If you do not take part in sexual romps and find some other hobby or activity to pass your leisure constructively, the question of is never going to arise till it is the right time.

2. Safe sex: Everybody from media and organizations to government programs are emphasizing on the need for safe sex, day in and day out. Whenever deciding to take the plunge it is important to take a minute and reconsider the situation. If safe sex with adequate contraceptive precautions is not on the agenda, do not indulge in the unsafe activity and go home. Both the partners should take responsibility of the situation and ensure a safe future in every manner before indulging in sex of any kind.

3. Emergency contraceptive: If the deed has been done without taking any precautions the best method would be to visit the local pharmacy and purchase an emergency contraceptive pill which should be taken within 24 hours of intercourse. This will be a method to the inevitable from happening.

4. department consultation: This is another of the ways to avoid pregnancy. Going to the office of a gynecologist within the first 24 hours of having sex and explaining the situation may also you out and show a light at the end of a tunnel. The doctor may recommend an insertion of Copper T which is an intrauterine device, which also helps to prevent the occurrence of pregnancy.

Out of the various ways to avoid pregnancy, none is so much successful in actual pregnancy prevention than practicing safe sex at all times. Better safe than sorry should be the motto of every sexually active person. Take the necessary precautions and keep heartaches at bay.

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