December 2, 2022

Unplanned Pregnancy In Ireland

Unplanned Pregnancy are a major issues in Ireland. Statistics show that 12 per cent of pregnancies are not planned. 11 per cent of 18-25 year old are said to have has an unwanted pregnancy at some point, with 19% per cent of 26-35 year olds, and 18 per cent of 36-45 year olds in this position. These are pretty staggering numbers.

In Ireland abortion is illegal, but this doesnt stop Irish women from having terminations. It is not illegal to travel elsewhere and thousands of people travel to the UK for this purpose every year.

There are obviously better solutions to this problem than legalising abortion. Contraception and education are key to good sexual health. Statistics show that unwanted pregnancies are lower where contraception is readily available. This shows that availability to contraception can make a big difference. But education about contraception is also important so people know it is available, know where they can get it from and how they should use it.

No matter how easily contraception is available though, and no matter how good sex education is, there will always be some unwanted pregnancies, as Irelands statistics show. Obviously there are many problems with abortion, and many campaign against it, but having it illegal has its own problems.

With Abortion Law in Ireland meaning many people travel to places such as the UK and the Netherlands to receive abortion, it means that the illegality of abortion does not necessarily prevent abortions from taking place. The end result is effectively the same, it just means that women in this situation have to go through more stress and problems at what is already a difficult time.

It also promotes illegal abortion. Abortion pills are available from unregulated, illegal websites, and these are often used by women who have unexpectedly fallen pregnant. These can cause all manner of health issues. The pill often does not work, therefore failing to end the pregnancy but often meaning the child is born with health defects. The Mothers health can also be at risk. Other types of illegal abortion, such as back alley jobs performed by amateurs, cause major problems. Approximately 70,000 women die each year due to such procedures.

Abortion statistics are surprisingly similar in counties where abortion is legal and illegal. This shows that the law doesnt affect the number taking place. The majority take place in developing countries, showing how important contraception and education is. This can be a lesson not just for these countries, but developed countries as well. Education about contraception and sexual health in general, will mean less unwanted pregnancies and other sexual health problems.

Unwanted pregnancies result in more children being put up for adoption and put into care. There are too many children for adoption agencies to deal with already, so unwanted children do not go to a suitable family as quickly as they should. More children in care puts a burden on society. It is expensive and the care cannot be as high quality if too many children are in care.

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