December 6, 2022

What to Include in Your Diet While Pregnant

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You are in for a wonderful life changing experience. Once you know for sure that you are pregnant it is vital to look after yourself to give your unborn baby the best chance to a healthy start in life.

The best way to look after yourself is to  ensure you are getting adequate rest and enough sleep – your body is working extra hard right now to grow your baby. Exercising and eating a well balanced diet will boost your immune system and give you enough energy to complete everyday tasks as well as your all important job of creating a healthy baby.

Make sure you are eating a wide variety of foods. Your energy needs will increase by 15% during your pregnancy. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grain cereals, rice and bread, meat and fish are also an important part of your diet.

Remember to include healthy snacks to keep your energy levels up. Try a yogurt and banana, peanut butter sandwich, museli bar, dried fruit, popcorn, cheese and crackers or a muffin. Avoid foods high in sugar as they add no nutritional benefit for you. Be prepared and take extra snacks to work with you, keep some in your handbag so you are always ready for when you need that extra boost.

Water is also extremely important. Keep a bottle with you at all times and aim to drink 2 bottles of water a day. If you eat sensibly and have one extra snack a day then this is all you need to do to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy and are giving your unborn baby every chance to thrive.

So get organized, off you go and write your shopping list. Aim for foods that are in there natural state and haven’t been highly processed. Aim for 5 servings of  fruit and vegetables a day, include meat, bread, yogurt, cheese, pasta, rice, milk, beans and nuts. As long as the food you eat has been washed or cooked thoroughly you can be as imaginative and creative as you want.

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