Ways To Get Revenge – Fake Pregnancy Revenge

Fake Pregnancy Revenge this is by far one of the nastiest pranks you can do to an ex. This revenge idea has been around for hundreds of years, and it still works. Women have used the fake pregnancy tactic to get control and intimidate men since time existed.

There are a lot of women out there who have faked being pregnant just to keep the man in her life and manipulate them into doing things just by the power of intimidation. The fake pregnancy prank is one of the most powerful revenge tactics a woman can have in her payback arsenal.

The fake pregnancy tactic can also be used to keep a man out of your life. If you have an ex boyfriend who just won’t stop pestering you and wont take no for an answer, you can really petrify him just by giving the idea of responsibility. For most young or irresponsible men nothing is more unattractive then the idea of being a dad, to be stuck with a child for the rest of their lives.

The fake pregnancy payback all depends on your situation you are in. If you just want your ex to go away and leave you in peace, let one of your friends start a rumour. Have your friend say something along the lines of youre pregnant and youre not sure who the father is. The reaction of most males will be wait and see. You will then see how quick they will disappear and leave you alone if they are not 100% positive it is theirs.

If you want to use the pregnancy tactic to keep your man around you really do need to tell them you are 100% sure it is their child. You will have at least 3-5 months before you are supposed to be getting bigger. This will give you a good few good months of valuable time to work things out. Just lie and say you went to see the doctor and he said everything is normal.

Women who are really committed to this prank and get all their friends involved knowingly or unknowingly are truly very devious. They sometimes even go to the extreme to send fake stomach and ultrasound pictures. When you think you have tortured him enough you can then fake a miscarriage or just vanish and tell him absolutely nothing. If you really want to rub salt into the wounds you can just tell him the truth and say you was faking it to his face and then commence laughing at him.

This is a very powerful revenge prank and should not be used lightly, you will need to plan your route of attack and to work out what you expect when it is all over and finished with. Ask yourself two simple questions before proceeding, do you want to keep your man, or have you had enough of him pestering you and have exhausted all other ideas and now you just want him to disappear. Whatever you choose good luck.

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