Pupp Rash Do You Have This Itchy Rash

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Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of , commonly known as pupp rash, can affect a few pregnant mothers at some point during their term. Usually it takes place during the second or third , but some women may start experiencing it in the first. The symptoms usually tend to fade away shortly after a is born, but they can be uncomfortable and bothersome nonetheless especially because they can look like red blotches or pimples. During this it’s not advisable for you to self-diagnose yourself since no matter how much you may be itching there are other things that your doctor should be made aware of before he or she decides on any proper treatment plan for you.

Pupp rashes are believed to be a result of pups’ natural oils rubbing off their skin onto inanimate objects. A number of factors like , gender, and season can its likelihood of appearing (i.e., women who are pregnant with a boy have an increased chance of it). It is to see your doctor for an official diagnosis and recommendation for treatment such as an antihistamine or anti-itch cream. Most women will find relief from the most common pupp rash remedies at home – traditional or not. Some people have sworn by over the counter medications such as itch relief lotions, oatmeal baths and tar soaps. One blogger even explains that “ taking claritin and pepcid ac made things tolerable for her till the delivery .” Be sure to eat your flax seeds too!

Banana peels for itching might funny but some women say it works wonders! Possible explanations include the presence of Potassium in bananas, which can reduce itching & relieve rashes like poison ivy. Mixing baking soda and water can be a temporary solution to the poison ivy problem – try it out!

Some doctors may advise using a cortisone cream if the rash is bothering you but others may not. Check with your doctor to see things from their perspective, he will also be able to rule out whether you have any other rashes that may be related or whether it’s ICP (Idiopathic Cervical Pruritis) as this pregnancy-related rash can also look similar and needs different treatment.

It can be hard to when you have a rambunctious pupps rash growing or even worse, to rest when you’re experiencing pre-partum depression. You could get some and use things that are successful before. Use meditation or even see a specialist with your symptoms. Visualize the life you’ll have with your baby and the days you’ll have at the park, zoo and with family.

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