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is defined as ‘the period from conception to when a carries a developing embryo in her uterus’. Let us examine what some of the common symptoms are, among .

Missing the period is just one indicator of pregnancy. The most common symptoms are: 1. False menstruation 2. Irregular periods 3. Spotting between periods 4. Changes in breast tenderness 5. Nausea 6. Vomiting 7. Frequent urination 8. Sudden Remedies to get periods after not getting them for a long time: 1. Heat patch 2. Increased physical activity 3 . Taking black cohosh Based on all this, we can conclude that Missing the period is the most common sign and indication of pregnancy, due to Polycystic ovary syndrome, which means that many other factors may be at play as well and one must look out for symptoms associated with PCOS as well before making any assumptions or conclusions about whether or not they are pregnant! Another symptom of pregnancy comes with the change in a woman’s breast size just after the initial conception. The breasts begin to enlarge for breast-feeding purposes and the areola or dark area where the nipple is gets bigger, too. Women usually claim their breasts feel very sensitive in addition to experiencing sudden tingling sensations.

Pregnancy can be a trying time for many women, and those who are dealing with this issue will find a lot of the symptoms which come along with it rather unpleasant. One of the more common symptoms that most pregnant women tend to deal with is morning sickness and feeling ill. In fact, nausea tends to become apparent roughly two weeks after conception has occurred, and often continues until they reach their third month. On average your energy levels will also start dipping as early as the fourth week of pregnancy, but as it progresses you should start feeling better again within a few more weeks of waiting around.

One of the first noticed by pregnant woman is sweaty palms and long like issue is thirst. The taste buds also take a shift with frequent urination in the initial stages of pregnancy and craving for certain types of which earlier was hated may also be a sign of being pregnant. Along with above mentioned symptoms doctor’s visit is considered to be the apt one to confirm if she’s pregnant or not.

Pregnancy can be confirmed at home by taking a urine test and detecting the level of HCG in that urine. If the test shows a positive result it’s important to schedule an appointment with your obstetrician or doctor so as to discuss next steps and receive ongoing care throughout this exciting time. Much like at-home pregnancy tests, office-based tests for pregnancy also detect the presence of HCG in urine but only after certain requirements are met such as providing your doctor or nurse with urine samples gathered over a certain amount of time.

There is also a blood test that can be taken at four to six weeks that will give you a positive or negative reading. This also allows you to find out whether or not you’re pregnant right when the doctors suspect something may not be going as planned. After being pregnant for four to six weeks, the doctor will take your blood pressure and palpitate your stomach, which will let them know if there’s something growing inside of you.

This article is meant to you get some useful tips. Please remember that it does not replace the of your obstetrician, physician or other medical professional.

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