Symptoms. Signs and Symptoms That You Are Pregnant

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The first symptom of is when you miss your period and if you’re trying to get pregnant there’s also a smaller chance of having a lighter period but that lighter bleeding can also be happening due to other reasons which makes it harder to tell until you actually become pregnant.

Roughly four days and nights fallowing sexual intercourse, the sperm meets up with the egg in a woman’s uterus. The sperm then combines with the egg to create a fetus. Around eight days or so after conception, HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) begins to form. This same hormone is what helps you test for .

While the quickest and surest way to know whether you are pregnant is by getting a sample taken by your doctor, another less invasive option is to simply take a pregnancy test.

Pregnancy is like a pebble in your shoe – until you remove the sparkly little rock , you’ll feel a mild discomfort that won’t go away. Symptoms may possibly include:

Tension in the chest

Some women experience an increase in sensitivity of their breasts when pregnant. Some also report that their breasts  can feel heavier and become bigger, often getting darker in coloration.


It is normal to feel tired after a long days work, and sometimes even more tired during the following days. When you have been feeling exhausted after day and keep sleeping still leaves you without any energy then it may be that you are pregnant! Your body will undergo various changes while carrying a , so it’s no wonder that your body isn’t up to its usual capacities 100%. You will get through this, but try not to overdo things!

and bloating

Nausea is similar to motion and other forms of physical illness but in this case, it comes on at any given moment rather than being limited to a specific time of day.

Some women may experience bloating during their menstrual cycle. Others may experience bloating while they’re pregnant, because water accumulates in the body during pregnancy. During menstruation, a woman’s body cleans out the uterus, which increased fluid to exit the body via fluid expulsion.


Your pregnancy can come with a lot of unusual body changes. Your uterus is no exception and during the pregnancy itself it can grow to be as big as a watermelon, although it is only the of a pear at conception! It’s no surprise that you may experience some sort of pain in this area as a result, and that would translate to “round ligament pain”!

You pee extra often?

In case you pique more often than normal, it may be a sign that you’re pregnant. Fresh and later during your pregnancy, you will probably experience greater urge to pee than usual.

Craving for certain food

Pregnancy is a miracle and all women go through the same stages of it. A few typical characteristics are heightened smell and taste, food cravings, sickness issues or period changes. There is no doubt that these can be intense ongoing experiences to cope with, but it’s part of a woman’s journey in making life and bringing new kind of life into this world. Once you’re over it… you realize that in spite of these hard times – when childbirth was imminent… you also experienced some rewarding ones as well!

Diarrhea and constipation

Constipation and diarrhea are symptoms of pregnancy because of the increased levels of progesterone in the body.

If you suspect that you may be pregnant, the very first thing you need to do is locate your nearest clinic and set up an appointment for either a blood test or possibly a urine test. The test can most likely be found at your local pharmacy, supermarket or over the internet. Note that it’s only possible to determine your pregnancy status 3 days after conception has taken place.

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