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Posted by on Dec 25, 2018 in Pregnancy, Health | 0 comments

Pregnancy and Gestational Diabetes

Pregnancy and Gestational Diabetes

Diabetes happens when the blood sugar level is excessive high. The food items which we eat are broken down into sugar. This sugar gets absorbed by the cells with the help of the hormone- insulin which is formed in the pancreas. Then this sugar is used by the cells of our body to do various body functions. In some people, the insulin formation do not happen and in some insulin is formed but it cannot help in the absorption of the sugar thus keeping the blood sugar level high. During the period of pregnancy, hormonal changes happen in the body because of which cells might not response to the insulin the same way thus resulting in high sugar level in blood which is normally called Gestational diabetes in pregnancy and goes off with time after the child birth happens.

Gestational diabetes in pregnancy usually occurs in the second trimester of the pregnancy and can be identified only through the regular blood sugar tests. About 4% of the pregnant women suffer with gestational diabetes. If blood sugar level is found high during pregnancy then the doctor’s advice should be taken immediately and with the help of medicine, diet and exercise gestational diabetes can be kept under control. It is very important to plan the diet along with a dietician to control the diabetes during pregnancy otherwise it could create complications in the baby and the mother. The baby can have breathing problems or born with high blood glucose level in the body and could be overweight.

1. The foods which contain simple sugar should be avoided such as cakes, cookies, candy, cream
2. Eat healthy snacks which are healthy such as raisins, fruits, carrot sticks
3. Limit the intake of carbohydrate in the body and it is better to taken whole-grain breads, pasta, and rice.
4. Walking is the best exercise that a pregnant woman can do and other exercises which are safe to do during pregnancy can be done under supervision and with the doctor’s suggestion

In most of the cases the gestational diabetes in pregnancy goes off after the baby is born but the mother’s need to be careful as it could increase the risk of diabetes in the next pregnancy and late in their life they could have diabetes. Proper diet plan, regular exercises and weight control are three very important things that one should surely follow if they had suffered from the gestational diabetes.

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