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In the latter part of your , you will soon have a newborn to care for, which means it’s time to start planning for the hospital trip. Make sure you’ve packed all the essentials and some extra items too! Learn how with our list on what to pack in your hospital bag.

Essentials for you:

Your plan and maternity notes.

A few towels and a wash bag with a toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, flip-flops, flannel, lip balm, tissues, an umbrella and make-up.

It is important to be comfortable when you deliver – so wearing a nightie or loose fitting T-shirt are great options. Pjs are also very popular and easy to get on and off post . Whatever you decide to , please bring two spare items as it is not recommended that you wash your original clothing following delivery.

Dressing gown and slippers. Some women may fluctuations in temperature during and right after , but, wearing a cardigan or thick woolen socks can help keep you feeling nice and warm.

Maternity pads – for when the waters of break, and for after you give birth during postpartum bleeding

Spare knickers – and lots of them – are useful for the same reason. Use disposables or old ones that you can bin later.

A nursing and breast pads

Comfortable (loose) post-pregnancy clothes for going in.

Essentials for baby:

Huggies Newborn nappies (up to eight for each day you’re in hospital) and a pack of Huggies wipes

Vests and suits (at least three of each)

Scratch mittens

A shawl or baby blanket

Cotton wool or Huggies Cotton Soft Sheets and a towel

Top and tail bowl (in case the hospital doesn’t provide one – check with your midwife in advance)

Clothes to go home in – including a hat and shawl and, if the weather’s chilly, an outdoor jacket, extra blankets and mittens

A pushchair or car travelling home by car must be strapped into properly fitted car seats.

Top 5 luxury extras – as recommended by Huggies Club mums:

Music to relax to (check if you need to bring in your own MP3 player too)

Magazines and a book – good distractions!

A camera/ video camera for recording precious moments

Your own pillow for comfort

Snacks and drinks – plus extra for your birth partner!

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