January 24, 2022

Pregnancy Can Cause Female Thinning Hair

The increase in hormones during pregnancy can be associated as one of the primary causes of female thinning hair. It is actually one of the main reasons women lose hair at all. Almost every woman will experience some degree of hair loss after pregnancy. The thinning hair only gets bad enough to be noticeable in about ten percent of women.

Many hair growth treatments will help replace that lost hair. One of these is Provillus for Women. This product has proven to help you re-grow that lost hair quickly after giving birth. That way you can spend more time enjoying your baby rather than worrying about your hair loss.

Female thinning hair is very common after pregnancy. You may have noticed that when you were still pregnant, your hair had become thicker, fuller, shinier, and softer. This is because of increased estrogen levels in the body during pregnancy. After giving birth, estrogen levels return to normal. The change in estrogen levels can cause up to sixty percent to fall out within the first two or three months after pregnancy. Most women do not find it noticeable, or a bother. Other experience extreme hair loss that damages their self esteem as well as their confidence as they are caring for their new baby.

Vitamin supplements can do a lot for curing mild or moderate hair loss. However, for more extreme hair loss, drastic measures are needed. Provillus for women is highly recommended by those who have used it for all types of hair loss. It is an all natural product that can help you re-grow it quickly. Many women are tempted to try a product for their hair loss but are scared of possibly hurting their baby if they breastfeed. As long as the product you use is chemical and drug free, your baby will be fine, and your hair will grow back.

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