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is a time when many women will start to keep a scrapbook. A lot of women like to take pictures of their growth over time, perhaps by capturing a picture every week as they progress through their pregnancies. Keeping photo albums can help women relive those magical moments and appreciate the lovely their little ones go through during their nine months in the womb. It can also be really fun and interesting for you, especially if you find yourself with an unusual and unexpected . Some examples of moments that might be fun to document are when cravings first strike or how your changes each day or week as your body adjusts to this new life within!

Scrapbook picture ideas:

-Take a picture of your pregnancy test.
-Photograph your gear. Whenever you buy something for your baby, take a photo of it along with a copy of the receipt.
-Take a photo of your baby’s room. In the first week, take photos that show the progress you make and then again after you’ve finished work to commemorate the completion of it all.
-Photograph your husband lovingly interacting with your belly!!
-Catching your baby kicking may be tricky, but it can be done. If you notice that you can actually make out the of your baby’s feet through your belly while they are kicking around inside you, consider snapping a picture of it to show off to everybody.

Scrapbook journaling ideas:

To complete your scrapbook project, you need pictures and a lot of journaling. Here are a few to help make your journaling easier to do:

-Write down what you felt when you first received the test results.
-Record how you felt when you saw your baby on for the first time. Use all 5 senses: sight, touch, taste, smell and sound.
-Describe your babys first kicks.
-Write about what we can expect in the second . Did you want to know your baby’s gender? What do you feel are the most exciting things to expect in this month and why?
-Talk about your morning sickness, headaches, aches and pains.
-Write about the preparations you make ahead of time for your birth,– how you plan to get there, what you’re hoping for, and how you want it to be.
-Detail the theme, the invitations, and all the information given out at your baby shower.
-Try to list as many details from your birth story as possible. You will cherish these memories for a long time as you may have difficulty recalling them once the stress of initial post-partum life becomes overwhelming and filled with routine.

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