Great Tips to Lose Your Pregnancy Belly Fat – Fast!

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Pregnancy. This can bring about joys and sorrows in every woman’s life. There is joy because looking at your own bundle of joy can bring about countless smiles. The only thing that’s sorrowful is when you start looking at the bulge that just wouldn’t go away! Say hello to your new companion-your pregnancy belly fat. A 25-pound weight gain at the end of a pregnancy is a normal occurrence. The extra fat is needed to cushion the baby while it is in its mother’s womb. Here are some great tips for you to lose that hideous bulge ASAP:

Breastfeed. Do you know that your body has to burn some extra calories each time you have to lactate and nurse your baby? This, together with a healthy diet and exercise should help you trim down your weight. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone-you stay fit as your baby gets his needed nutrition-not a bad bargain at all!

Sweep away the fat. Start a weight management diet that you could easily maintain. Fiber-rich foods such as fruits, grains, and vegetables should be on top of your list as they clean up your digestive tract and even aid in preventing diseases such as colon cancer, diabetes and hypertension. Stay away from foods rich in sodium as they tend to make you look more bloated. Say NO to junk foods and soda.

Slow and easy does it. Start a strength training routine and you would soon realize that gaining back those muscles would mean burning all the pregnancy fat around your upper arms, hips, thighs, and yes…your belly. Remember that weight reduction can only be attained if cardio workout is a part of your exercise regimen. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you would be required to do a thousand sit-ups just to zap those saddlebags! Merely 30 minutes of cardio workout at 3 times each week should do the trick. There’s a smorgasbord of cardio workouts that you could pick from and you’d be surprised that most of them are free of charge: brisk walking, running, bicycling, swimming, hiking, and playing your favorite sports such as basketball or tennis. If you want to target just your belly, then you can resort to traditional methods such as scissor kicks (done by lying down and slowly raising legs alternately); pelvic tilts (as its name suggests, you lift your pelvis off the floor and hold for a few seconds); or you can choose belly dancing which is a sexy way to get rid of your unwanted fat. A word of advice, though, you must consult your doctor before you pursue any particular exercise regimen as the abdominal muscles were contorted and has gone through wear and tear during pregnancy.

Do as Hollywood celebrities do it. You are rectified in thinking that Hollywood actresses resort to surgery in order to look sexy again after giving birth. If your pregnancy belly is just too stubborn, it’s time to jumpstart your weight reduction through other methods such as lipoplasty (commonly known as liposuction) or abdominoplasty (a.k.a. tummy tuck). The former is a procedure of taking out fat cells from the specified area while tummy tuck eliminates not only fat but also the extra skin from the belly region. Simply put, tummy tuck is a more complex version of liposuction. It provides abdominal muscle tightening which is the most brilliant way of making your belly look “flat”.

When all else fails… When you’re already killing yourself trying to regain your pre-pregnancy shape yet even the most strenuous exercise just won’t do-what else is there left to do? You might want to make sure that you do not have the condition called diastasis recti which is common among postpartum women. This is a defect which shows abnormal abdominal stretching and can only be remedied through physiotherapy or tummy tuck-it’s best to ask your doctor about it.

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