How to Lose Pregnancy Weight – Boost Metabolism After Birth

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Many mothers struggle with how to lose their pregnancy weight. The desire to look as good as they did before pregnancy drives many mothers to try dangerous diets and extreme exercise routines that only leave them exhausted or, worse, fatter than when they started.

The following are easy and simple tips to help Moms lose pregnancy weight without doing harm to her body. These tips are based on healthy and sensible eating, exercise strategies that are proven to burn fat, and more simple ways to boost metabolism so that the pregnancy weight simply burns away.

Good Nutrition During Pregnancy and After Childbirth

Good nutrition during pregnancy will ensure that you will not gain excessive weight while providing optimal nutrition that you and your baby need. During pregnancy, it’s important to have adequate energy and nutrients from food, while avoiding empty calories. Concentrate eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, high-quality protein, and complex carbohydrates. These are low-glycemic index foods, which keep your blood sugar levels stable – meaning, you will not feel hungry soon after eating.

By following this general idea, you can curb your hunger without filling up on empty calories. These foods have few calories but a lot of fiber, which give you a satisfied feeling longer.

Avoid processed foods, which contain chemicals and preservatives. Also steer clear of high-calorie foods that provide little more than refined sugar. These include pastries, soda, candies, and white bread.

After birth, this same healthy diet will give your baby a good start in life. Continue to follow this eating plan: lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, high quality protein and complex carbohydrates.

Combined with the following tips, following a sensible eating plan will make it easier for you to avoid excessive weight gain and lose pregnancy weight safely after birth.

Eating Habits That Boost Metabolism

How you eat is as important as what you eat. For example, eating a good breakfast will give you energy and keep your metabolism fired up. This is why people who don’t skip breakfast are found to eat fewer calories throughout the day. As a busy new Mom, you simply cannot afford to skip meals. You need all the energy you can get to keep up with the demands of a new baby.

In fact, another metabolism booster that experts recommend is eating six small, frequent meals throughout the day as opposed to three large ones. Small meals taken throughout the day boost metabolism, whereas large meals drain your energy and make you hungrier.

It’s also a good idea to keep hydrated throughout the day. Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger and end up eating when we’re just thirsty. One rule of thumb is to drink a glass of water for every hour that you’re wake. If you’re breastfeeding, drink according to thirst. At the very least, drink a full glass of water every time you nurse.

Fat Burning Exercise

Exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy metabolism. However, not all exercise is equal. Holly Rigsby, certified personal trainer and founder of the Fit Yummy Mummy program, recommends a combination of short burst resistance training and short burst interval training for maximum metabolism boost. The resistance training builds lean muscles, which burn calories even while you sleep. Interval training helps you burn more calories even while doing shorter workouts. Even though interval training lasts only 15 minutes, you can effectively burn a lot of fat. This smart combination of exercises means that, in only 90 minutes a week, a busy Mom can get fit and lean.


Finally, breastfeeding is an excellent way for new Moms to burn post-baby fat. Research has shown that for every month of breastfeeding, women on average lose 0.44 kg (Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition). It is estimated that exclusive breastfeeding burns as much as 500 calories a day – that’s equivalent to a lot of exercise!

These guidelines will help new Moms lose weight safely and effectively. Excessive dieting and exercise are unnecessary, ineffective and dangerous. New Moms need a lot of energy and good nutrition for this new phase of their lives. Moms have a lot of responsibilities; you need the best nutrition and fitness plan to be a good Mom. The tips described above will give you the energy you need as a new Mom and help you lose pregnancy weight.

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