Lunesta – Can I Take Lunesta For Better Sleep During Pregnancy

Lunesta and Pregnancy

Lunesta is a hypnotic group medicine. It provides you relief from problems like sleeplessness. Generally Lunesta is used to treat ailments like insomnia. Constituents of this medicine acts by relaxing your brain muscles and inducing sleep. Though Lunesta do not possess any proven dependency symptoms, it is advisable that you use Lunesta only on prescription by a qualified medical practitioner. Misadministration of the medicine may have certain adverse side effects.

Though Lunesta is considered to be safer for use, as compared to other sleeping medicines, possibility of side effects can not be ignored. It is always better to consult your doctor before you start using Lunesta.

There are certain circumstances under which it is advisable that you should avoid use of Lunesta. Your doctor may adjust your Lunesta dose or prescribe you other sleeping aid if he feels Lunesta is likely to give side effects in your case.
You may not be able to use Lunesta, if you are taking other sedative drugs or sleeping medicines. Combination of such medicines with Lunesta may have adverse effects.

When you should not use Lunesta

oLiver disorders

oRespiratory diseases, like asthma, emphysema or bronchitis

oSymptoms of depression

If you do not take adequate precautions while using Lunesta, you may experience following side effects.

oYou may experience allergic reactions like- Swollen lips, hives, face or tongue- Breathing problems- Choking of throat- Clumsiness, dizziness or drowsiness during day time- Abnormal behavior- such as more aggressiveness- Confused or strange behavior- Loss of memory- Depression

Special attention during pregnancy

Usually, it is recommended that pregnant women should not use any medicine before consulting the physician. Same is applicable in the case of Lunesta also. It is true that certain medicines have adverse effect on unborn baby. If you are pregnant do not use any over-the-counter medicine, not at least sedative medicines. These sedatives medicines may have sedation and other effects on the unborn baby. The possibility is more when you use such medicines during final weeks of pregnancy. Never conceal your pregnancy from the doctor. Disclosure of pregnancy will help your physician to prescribe right medicine and avoid possible complications at later stage.

If you are using Lunesta and become pregnant, let know your doctor immediately. He will either stop usage of Lunesta or make dose adjustments. There are proven results to confirm that some quantity of Lunesta passes in breast milk. However, the exact effects of Lunesta, passed through breast milk, on new born baby are not known. To avoid further complication arising by use of Lunesta in breast feeding babies, it is advisable that you either avoid using Lunesta or consult your doctor before using Lunesta, if you breast feed the baby.

Important Note

Above information is based on available sources on the subject. These are only for educational information. Lunesta being sleeping medicine may have adverse side effects on your body. Always consult your doctor before you start using Lunesta. Your doctor will decide dosage and duration for which you should take Lunesta.

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