Pregnancy Symptoms During Third Trimester

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The third pregnancy trimester includes weeks 29 to 40 (till 42 if it is late).

The pregnancy signs to look out for in these weeks are given below: >

Week 29

Weight gained by expecting mom by this week is around 11 pounds. Other change of symptoms includes mood swings, lethargy, heartburn, sciatic pain and increased likelihood of infections.

Week 30

Firs time moms are especially flabbergasted by this time. This prolonged pregnancy with all it troubles starts to test their patience now. Fatigue, increase in weight and depression caused by hormones and breathlessness complications also occur. More than normal size of uterus as well as chances of preeclampsia also rise in this week.

Week 31

Expecting moms gain about 21 to 27 pounds by this week. Other pregnancy signs of this week are relaxing of ligaments for delivery, breasts all in readiness for lactation, Braxton Hicks Contractions, haemorrhoids, amount of diet required increases, constipation and one of the most prominent and really felt complication most likely in this week is not being able to find the right resting positing, i.e. one in which there is comfort. Frequent urination makes the problem worse, especially at night.

Weeks 32 to 35 in Third Pregnancy Trimester

More or less similar signs and symptoms of pregnancy would be experienced during these weeks of the pregnancy trimester. Weight gain by this time would have reached about 30 pounds.

Week 37

Expecting moms begin to feel pressure in their lower abdomen because the baby has really started to prepare for delivery and the final push. Increase of size of breast, vaginal discharge and sleeplessness at nights are common at this time of pregnancy.

Week 38

Expecting moms face problems and complications when trying to lie down and even when trying to sit. Frequent urination still continues and chances of developing preeclampsia increases.

Week 40 till delivery

Baby movements increase to such an extent that it leads to pain around groin or pelvic region. There may be contractions that feel like start of labour but are really, no more than contractions. Breathing problems still troubles the expectant moms and each passing day feels heavier than before. By the time it is week 41, the no. of baby kicks would have increased indicating that labour pain can start any moment now. If the pregnancy passes into the 42nd week, it may be time to induce labour after advice from the doctor.

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