September 29, 2022

Smoking and Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy

By drinking alcohol while pregnant, a risk of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is estimated for your baby. And this means disabilities in moral and physical ways.

It may include problems with behavior. It’s better to avoid alcohol totally while you are pregnant, because no one knows how much alcohol will cause these problems for your baby.

Alcohol during your pregnancy can make problems for your baby, try to be conscious about that if you are a drinking woman, try to save the life of your baby, because there is no interest for you to be a pregnant and at the end delivering a sick baby, and also for your baby, he has no interest coming to this world by an alcoholic woman, and with problems in his heath or in his moral.

Researches have proved that alcohol during pregnancy, cause complicated moral problems for the newborn babies, they will have a difficulty in term of learning things and socializing with other people around, and this a fatal problem.

FASD can be created only by mothers who drink alcohol during pregnancy, remember that.

If your husband drinks a lot, you should tell him to be conscious about that, and make him read what are you reading, or put his email to the newsletter so he can get the articles that talk about alcohol and pregnancy, so maybe he can read them while he is at work, and maybe this can make him quit alcohol and be a good father for the baby.

smoking during pregnancy: Smoking and pregnancy Smoking is very dangerous and has an effect on babies, before and after they are born.

Umbilical cord is the line life of your baby. Through this line the baby gets all what he needs to grow up inside his mother. And when the mother smokes, it will make the baby absorbs all the toxic elements contained in a cigarette. In this case the heart of your baby beats so fast; and increases the stress. Smoking reduces also the nutrition received by the baby.

Pregnant women who smoke have a high risk of ectopic pregnancy. It increases also the risk of getting the baby earlier, and having also many complications during birth.

It affects the weight of the baby, and this has a great relation with other health problems.

Smoking during pregnancy can kill the baby during or after pregnancy in short time.

Mothers who smoke during pregnancy have a high risk of sudden infant death syndrome

Asthma and other respiratory problems at the new born babies have a great relation with smoking during pregnancy.

While breastfeeding the baby and smoking make the baby absorbing all the nicotine and other elements of cigarette through milk. So we recommend that if you are smoking, to give it up, or reduce it during your pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Passive smoking is dangerous also , we mean by passive smoking when someone is smoking around you or your baby , so be sure to avoid places where people smoke while pregnant or breastfeeding your baby.

If you are a dependent smoker you can replace that by using nicotine replacement therapy, it’s less harmful than smoking directly during pregnancy and while breastfeeding your baby.

There are many ways to quit smoking. You can consult a trained counselor. Or make a quitting plan together with your doctor using NRT.

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