Teen Pregnancy and Teenage Relationship Dangers

Teen Pregnancy is just one of many teenage relationship dangers. However, it is one that can lead to a lifetime of complications for both the parents as well as the child brought into the world. If you are a parent of a teen, it is important that you realize the full danger of this particular situation. You should do all that you are able to in order to learn what you can about teen pregnancy, and then you should educate your teen – whether you have a son, or a daughter. Many parents make the mistake of leaving it up to schools to educate their children on this topic. You should avoid this mistake. It is your responsibility – no one elses.

The first thing that you should understand when it comes to teenage pregnancy is that it is generally not planned. Most all pregnancies that occur with girls that are under the age of eighteen are unplanned. Teenagers who are involved in dating or relationships may feel compelled to engage in sexual activities with the person that they are with. This often comes as a result of peer pressure. In many unfortunate cases, it may come as a result of sexual assault, or even date rape. Teenagers should have a full and complete understanding of the risks associated with engaging with sexual intercourse at such a young age. They could experience health complications such as sexually transmitted diseases, and even become pregnant.

There are so many complications involved for a teenager that gets pregnant. Studies have found that teens are at a higher risk of having a child born with a birth defect. Common birth defects include cleft lip, spinal bifida, and even mental retardation. This mostly occurs because of the fact that the teenage body is still in the process of developing and growing. Then, it has the added strain of supporting a growing fetus. As a result many serious situations may arise. The fetus may not get the proper nutrition, the right amount of oxygen, and the development may be slow. In addition to this, the mother carrying the child can experience high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, slow weight gain due to high metabolism, and other problems associated with hormonal imbalances.

Steps to Prevent Teen Pregnancy:

1. Set a clear basis on the values that you have towards sex and also the attitudes that you carry regarding your expectations of your childs sexual preferences. It is important that you are open and you clearly state what you believe your child should and should not do.

2. Do not be afraid to discuss sex with your teenager. Do not run from it. It happens, and it will if your child is not educated on the topic. It is your responsibility to be open and answer the questions that your child has.

3. Be certain that you specify to your teenager that there are always consequences to their actions. Inform them of the fact that there are many teenage relationship dangers and being sexually active, getting a disease, and becoming pregnant are three of them.

If you follow these steps, it is likely your teenager will not have to face these teenage relationship dangers.

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