Why Weight Loss After Pregnancy Is Essential

Weight loss after pregnancy is an omnipresent concern among all young moms. Losing weight while pregnant is perhaps a bigger concern among the women who are having their first child. Those who have had kids before would perhaps be in a better frame of mind to tackle the problem of weight loss after pregnancy. Losing weight after pregnancy is highly essential and should not be looked into with any casual perceptions.

Here are three reasons why weight loss after pregnancy is important.

Emotional Distress

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of a woman’s life. However, the intricacies are far more complicated. There are hormonal changes, weight gain, increased metabolism and a plethora of other biological developments. The female body withstands so much during the blessed nine months and a few months after delivery that emotional stress is only natural. The joy of having a child is juxtaposed with emotional stress and distresses. Losing weight during pregnancy is not always possible since you are likely to gain anywhere from 15 to 30 pounds during the phase. A small amount of this gained weight should be off in only a few week’s post birth. However, the remaining weight can be a cause for emotional distress. All the more reason weight loss after pregnancy is so important.


While an extra 10 to 15 pounds may not sound alarming at all, it is the further weight gain that should be of more concern. It is only natural for a woman to look less slim than how she was prior to her pregnancy but one should focus on avoiding further weight gain. For millions of moms across the world, it has been seen that rather than losing weight after pregnancy, they have gained further weight. This happens predominantly because, the instant weight loss after pregnancy is mostly in the form of losing water from the body and not necessarily fat. Now, the mother may feel that she is losing weight after pregnancy and would be incited to not care much about her diet and lifestyle. This can trigger a weight gain problem which could easily trigger obesity. It is common for a mom to care for her newborn round the clock during the first year or so and weight loss after pregnancy can skip the mind completely. Losing weight after pregnancy and preventing further weight gain should be a joint objective.

Medical Conditions

Often, weight loss after pregnancy is difficult owing to certain medical conditions or medications. Young moms should consult their doctors to know if that is the case. Losing weight after pregnancy can also prevent further health ailments which would be unavoidable with decreased mobility and obesity.

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