Weight Loss After Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a great period in woman’s life. And by finishing her pregnancy only with a good things, and deliver her baby in good health she must have a great joy, which can’t be described.

After pregnancy a woman should take care of her baby, by making a comfortable area for him to grow in good conditions. But a woman should never quit taking care of her health also, and her beauty.

And when it comes to pregnancy, we all know that it’s normal to gain weight, but once the woman delivers her baby to this world, she must start thinking of her, and her new weight, and start to think about choosing a plan full of diet and activities to return to her initial weight. Some women could achieve this goal and got the initial weight, and some others could not achieve that, by they realized a good progression in term of losing weight , and they became so close from the aimed goal.

There are things that every woman should do if she could after delivering her baby, which is breastfeeding her baby.

Breastfeeding can make a woman lose weight easily, and it can help her with other activities and diet plan to achieve a specified weight she wants. And breastfeeding is good for the baby also because it gives him all what he needs from nutrients and protein.

After pregnancy you may think to start a physical activity, but before doing that you should consult your doctor, to tell you when you can start doing that.

Exercises for pregnant women are many, and you can start with the easiest one, here are some exercises types you can do:




Pelvic tilts

Crunches for example are a good way to get working your abs. and for reducing the belly, yoga or Pilates are fine and they can do the job.

At the beginning start with a little effort , and by time try to increase the frequency and the duration of the exercises .the most important is to maintain the exercises with time , and not to do a hard work at first and then stopping it , like that you will never achieve your initial weight.


It will help strengthen the pelvic floor, and also by doing these exercises you can reduce your pregnancy belly step by step.

Weight loss after pregnancy is not hard, but it needs continuation in term of planning, which is your diet and your physical activities. And with breastfeeding your baby, it will help a lot your weight loss mission.

But as we said before, do not start your diet until you discuss that with your doctor, because after pregnancy you will still need more calories to feed yourself and your baby.

In most cases, doctors’ advice women to start doing exercises after six or seven weeks after the checkup are over. In this case , you can start your activities by walking , when you walk you are making your body works , so it’s a fat burning process without even feeling like you are doing sport.

Knowing about your pregnancy some details can make your life easier, whether you are pregnant or already delivered your baby. Getting right information’s from experts is a good way to be up to date on how other pregnant women are doing, and about the latest discoveries in term of pregnancy and other researches about babies. So we highly recommend that you sign-up in our newsletter to receive latest articles, and other tips, that can help you achieve a good health and for your baby, and the people around you also.

Choosing a diet is very important also, and you should follow your doctor in this step. You can follow other expert’s diets but you should balance between what your doctor said and what other diets are telling you. It’s very important that this balance must give you the right energy and your baby also, with complete food elements from protein, vitamins, nutrients, and other elements.

Drinking liquids is very important after pregnancy, especially water, it’s good to avoid constipation, it’s good also for you baby, do not let your baby without water.

Sleeping good is very important after pregnancy. Women who take an enough time for sleep; they have more chances to achieve their initial weight before women who have not enough sleep.

Massage sessions can be good from time to time , if you are not having a good sleep , massages from time to time will help you achieve a good hours of sleep , and make you feeling better.

For women who want their weight back faster than normal, it can be very dangerous for their health. It’s not recommended to lose weight in the natural way, and this weight will be gone by maintaining the essential step by step methods.

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